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Leekeworld The Moon V. Chouette(Basic Skin)

Jul 14, 2006

    1. I'm not sure whether this post should be here so please move it if it shouldn't be here...^^;;;;;

      I was browsing at the Leekeworld yesterday when I found that they have a cute little new boy called Chouette

      I thought... Hummmm He looks a bit familiar

      This morning when I woke up I realised why

      If you put Chouette together with the Moon, they'd look like father and son!!!!!!!!:)

    2. That's really cute. I like them together. I really like this little Leeke. The new ones (him an d Bijou) are really tempting!
    3. I'm going to get little Ching when I come back from holiday in August ^O^
      Leeke dolls are just soooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!!
    4. I love Leekes, their size is so perfectly portable. I would be very curious to see one with the new body, as mine has the old. Do you already have one Akasha?
    5. I haven't got any dolls from leeke yet.
      However I think I'll be ordering the old body cause it seems to be cuter...:)
      I like my babies and pets with a little tummy :aheartbea
    6. Yes I think maybe the new body is taller and more slender. Old body is pretty darn cute though. You will love the Leeke!
    7. Awe! They really do look like family!! too cute! :)