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LeekeWorld Type D Clothes that fit

Jan 27, 2007

    1. I need help finding clothes for my soon to be home Leeke Joy (girl) :fangirl: Does Dollheart not make this size clothes anymore??? :(

      ...Mod Notes....

      This is a discussion for Clothes and Wigs that fit LeekeWorld Type D DollLeeke.
      Both Version1 and Version 2 bodies.
    2. LOL I just realized she does have the new 28cm body! Is there a big difference in the waist size and torso? Can she wear Ai clothes?
    3. Thank you! I was trying to find a comparison shot! Wow a whole head taller!

      I thought I was going to buy the suntan 25cm and couldn't seem to find it anywhere with the girl Joy body so I decided to order the NS Joy girl from DDE and totally didn't realize it was the nicer body! LOL

      Do they fit in the CherrydollUSA Petite Ai?
    4. I am not sure if they fit in the Cheerydoll clothes or not.
      Yo could check with Paula at Denver Doll Emporium..she is always trying different clothes on the dolls she sells. My Leeke girls can share clothes with the 10" Boneka dolls as well as Leeann..
    5. Hi,
      I am new to Leeke World dolls. I may be interested in the smaller dolls and I have a few questions if someone can please help me.

      1. If I were to purchase a Leeke head seperately, would I be able to match a body to it later? Thinking of the regular/normal skin. Is is kind of hard to match the Leeke resin?

      2. There are two body sizes, correct? One a little taller then the other? Is the smaller one the body that fits into YO - SD clothes or do they both fit into yo - sd clothes? Do you buy those clothes at the Volks site. Where is the best place to buy the clothes? No clothes are available on their site. What clothes does the taller one fit into then?

      3. Do certain heads fit better on certain bodies? Example - Does a Honey head fit better on a smaller body then the larger one? Is there some information I need to know?

      4. Did I hear or see something about elves being available for Christmas time? Are they going to be available soon? Which ones will they be? How can you get them? Do you have to pre-order?

      Thank you much.
    6. Hi Dollightfull, I only have a Leeke hybrid doll (Leeke Sweet elf head on Bambicrony body) but I may be able to give at least some answers to some of your questions.

      1: Any company will have slight variations in the resin colour from batch to batch, at least with the head you can adjust the colour slightly when giving it a face up so it matches better. Leeke and Bambicrony is a very close match and the Leeke heads suit the Bambi shaped bodies really well.


      You can see the head is a tiny bit paler than the body but it's hardly noticable!

      2: Yes there are two body sizes. I think a lot of the difference is in the length of the leg but I may be wrong. Shouldn't be much difference in the actual body width as I have seen pictures of them wearing the same clothing. They also fit other clothes, Boneka outfits for 10" dolls seem to fit very well from what I've seen.

      3: Some heads may not look as good on the taller body to some people but it will be personal taste at the end of the day. I presume all heads will fit, it'd be silly of them to give 2 body options if the heads didn't fit them.

      4: They do tend to produce elf versions on occaission but the ears are still very small and not as obvious as say the Bambicrony elves. Sometimes the elves are snow/white skinned as well.

      Not much info but I hope it helps you a bit :)
    7. Bloduewedd pretty much answers your questions. Even resins from the same company may differ slightly from batch to batch as far as I know.

      I've got both sizes: v.1 is slightly chubbier but not too much. V.2 is taller so anything that fits yo-sd will be a bit short on them. The difference in height is about 2 inches and mostly in the legs. Headwise and feetwise, they can share wigs and shoes. Hope this helps.
    8. One more thing I forgot to add re yo sd clothings. I've heard the actual Volks yo sd outfits are a bit tight on Leeke 1st body since Volk's yos are a tad slimmer.
    9. I'm interesting in buying one of these dolls and I was wondering if they could fit into Yo-SD clothes and shoes?
    10. I have a type 1 body. The real difference between the two is type 2 is a little (barely) taller. (and maybe a little thinner?) the Type 1 body fits into yo clothes easily (its a tiny bit chubbier than yo-sds though, so some things are kinda tight). The type 2 body should fit yo clothes, but some things (pants?) might be a tiny bit short. All the yo clothes I have are a little long on my type 1 though, so you should be fine.
      Yo shoes should fit. They're actually a tiny bit big.
    11. Thank you so much! Is the size difference in the shoes large enough to have to fill the front with tissue or will socks solve this?
    12. while it is said that Leeke bodies are slimmer, I find that my girl (Leeke 2nd body) doesn't fit into some YoSD clothes.
      Dresses are usually okay, but sometimes skirts don't fit around the waist without some adjustment.
      She wears YoSD shoes with no problems though :)
    13. it says they are slimmer but in my experience leeke bodies are a little chubbier lol. also some hands have problems getting through tight yo sleeves. The shoes fit fine. A few are a little big but usually socks or a tiny bit of tissue in the toe takes care of it.
    14. Here's a picture of the two bodies side by side: