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Update LEEKEWORLD's plan for March

Feb 25, 2010

    1. A plan of March in LEEKEWORLD

      * Spring Limited color for WIGS
      -. You can choose size and colors for wigs.
      -. The colors will be SPRING limited.
      -. From March 3rd.

      * Blind Wig
      -. Price : 50 USD
      -. You can choose size of wig and boy or girl.
      -. Wig's style will be random. You will get 4 wigs.
      -. Blind wig can't change and refund.

      March 8th - DollLeeke-M dolls update
      -. Anvin, Judy and Ange ( Basic set )
      -. Head parts
      -. You can choose faceup option.

      March 12nd to 14th - Head "BIG" Event
      -. You can buy all of head with lower price as last year.
      -. If you buy over 3 heads, you will get the gift as random.
      -. If you buy over 6 heads, you will get the gift as random.
      -. The gift can't refund and exchange.

      March 17th - " ANNA " new doll.
      -. DollLeeke-L Girl
      -. You can choose faceup option.
      -. Head parts


      March 22nd - Wigs of W line
      -. We will re-stock a lot of wigs for W line.
      -. Wigs : W022 ~ W105
      -. Size : L / E / M and D

      * These in the below plans are unsettled.
      -. We are making new items.
      -. We are making new DollLeeke.
    2. New colors will be 5 different colors. :)
    3. are the spring limited colours on heat resistant wigs?
    4. Is Anna limited edition?
    5. Here is the colors.