Les Galatées Idylle discussion

Mar 20, 2017

    1. I was informed that Idylle is, luckily, on topic here on DoA, so of course I just had to create a thread! I'm completely in love with the chubby or 'botticelli' stomach plate. My character is a bit on the softer side and finding a sculpt with the accurate body type was honestly the best feeling. I can't really comment on the other shades, but the tan resin is absolutely gorgeous in real life. (Dolly nudity ahead!)

      Picture © Les Galatées

      You can find more info about the dolls on the artist's website and etsy listing:
      Doll « à la carte » |
      Make your own Idylle : BJD art doll 38cm. BJD à la carte.

      Here's a few more pictures of the body I took: Les Galatées - Idylle
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    2. Thanks for creating the thread !
      I love this chubby tummy ! It's so cute ! I'm glad that people are trying more "common" bodies. The hips are nice too.
    3. It is, isn't it? ^^ I agree! It's always great to have variety.