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leshy from island doll

Oct 18, 2010

    1. wannnt! i may have to bring the little blue babe home.. damn...
    2. Very interesting line...I know there are dozens of 10cm tiny lines available today, but these nonetheless look quite unusual to me. I love the cute, simple style of their faces, like DD-anne's dolls. tabbycarla, the blue one's my favorite too X)
    3. Oh waaaaaaah cute! they are like Muppets!
    4. Hmm can someone please post pictures? It says "service unavailable"
    5. Thanks Wilkies!

      They are really cute!! ^^
    6. i want to see one of these lil ones wigless and to see body sculpt, my DD-Anne dolls want a new blue friend. but i want to see what i'm buying before making my purchase.
    7. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the link here, but there's a seller on Ebay who has nude, wigless pictures of this little cutie!
    8. ty so much i found it.
      now i see on their posting the dolls can be ordered in all the normal island doll shades. like neutral beige and tan?
      has anyone confirmed that i dont see a dropdown on featherfalls site so it looked like just ns and blue?

      i really want one of these, i would go for normal beige if it was available i think, warm color not too dark either, or blue ;) my dd-anne's are zombie and dark elf colors i could use a blue one ;)
    9. oh my... thanks for the heads up on the ebay listing. i may have to get one...
      it says this on the listing: 8 Skin type
      [FONT=Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana]Normal, Snow White, Milk White, Pink, Island, Neutral Beige
      tanned skin and blue skin both need $25 more
    10. i wrote featherfall too they also can order the various colors too.
    11. i don't usually like the tiny tinies but zomg these are soooo stinking cute!! i want the green one!! i mean it's only $80.... XD;;
    12. has anyone gotten one of these guys yet? i'm curious to see pictures of em!
    13. My little Leshy arrived yesterday. I'm very happy with her. She poses well and she is soooo tiny...I'd say Lati White (not SP) size. She is sturdy and reasonably priced so I feel very comfortable carting her around with.

      I've tried a few Kelly doll items and its "hit or miss". Smaller fitting items are better than anything too voluminous. She has very small feet so even Kelly shoes are a bit big...Heidi Ott "teenage" shoes fit but not with socks.

      So, without further adieu, here is Boo... I've linked to her pic because it is so big.:doh


      Sorry for the poor quality pic but my sister has my "real" camera.

      Boo is wearing her Island Doll outfit, eyes and wig with the addition of a Kelly doll t-shirt 'cause it's cold up her in Canada.:)


    14. Leshys are adorable! They have reasonnable price and ar sooo small that they seem sooo cute <3.

      I really hesistated into buying one, but now my money went into another dollie >o< i'll hopefully get one later, I love Island Dolls <3
    15. Hi, I'm new and Leshy is my first and so far only doll. I am still figuring out how to get photos on here but for now you can see my avatar with her(my Leshy is a tomboy girl) on and there is a larger photo of her face on my profile.

      I will continue to try to get photos on.
      (Or if you search for Leshy on Flickr you should find us)
    16. [​IMG]
      Settling in by Lesley-, on Flickr
      Leshy can wear Kelly/Shelly/Tommy clothes but I trim the seams inside first and under the arms can be a bit bulky and restricts mobility of the shoulders. Trousers with velcro need the velcro removing and sewing up. Some shoes need sock under so the don't wobble.
      The wig and clothes on this photo are all hand made. This photo shows the second of three wigs I've made her.
    17. so cute! first time i have seen owner pics. *stalks flickr*
    18. Aw, congrats Leslee! She's adorable!

      Boo says "hi" too.

      jen :)