Letter Opener Swords?

Jan 11, 2016

    1. I've got an elf doll on order and have been wondering about getting him a sword. I was browsing around and I like these little letter opener sword replicas, but am unsure about the proportions.

      Link to ebay

      I was wondering if anyone has used letter openers for props and if they have photos of how the proportions look.

      The doll I will be getting is an msd.
    2. It depends on the dimensions of the letter opener. I've got one that works perfect for an MSD, and one that's too chunky even for my 70cm guys.
    3. @Redfaery
      Could you please tell me the dimensions of your msd sized one?
    4. Sorry, but I lost it some time ago. :( Wish I could be more helpful.

      Got out a measuring tape though, and compared the given measurements in the links you provided. It say's they're 9 5/8 inch long. Measuring that out, it's a good length for a 43-45cm doll. And looking at the pictures, it's very dainty. I don't think it will be too chunky.
    5. Keep an eye out at Renaissance / Medieval faires. That's where I got mine. Here's Cali (65cm) with a 24cm letter opener (horrible pic in bad light, just for size reference):


      For my LARP weaponry I tried to keep my swords at approximately the same length as my arm (including hilt because I prefer short swords - for me, speed beats range). So if you know how long your future doll's arms are, you have a reference as to how long his sword should be.
      E.g.: Calien's arms are 20.5cm long, plus approx. 2.5cm for her hands, and the sword in the pic is 24cm (including hilt).
    6. @Redfaery @Jany
      I thought of a great way to check the sizes. I used a ruler and just zoomed in on the photos until the measurements matched then held another msd to the computer to compare. The length is alright on them but the hilts are way too chunky and wide proportionally with an msd.

      Came across some smaller ones that might fit better but they are not a style I like ( they are more like rapiers)

      So I am thinking I might just have to make him something by hand. Not sure if I will try to sue some of the paperclay I have on hand or something like foam board...
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    7. I just picked up a couple of Katana letter openers, so I'll take a picture for you today!!
      I'll get some measurements too.

      Mine were found at a wholesale shop locally.
    8. I've got a bunch but most of them are too small to be anything but a dagger. I ordered a proper scaled one from Iplehouse (1/3) so now I have a great reference point for the size I need which is actually a slim human sized dagger - I have photos floating about so will post them up.
    9. Here we go!
      My post with more pictures: LINK

    10. I've got quite a lot of letter opener swords - work great :D

      Here's Trey (AngellStudio Ty) w/katana at the ready :D

    11. This is Tsukito, my DearMine Oskar with a letter-opener sword from eBay.