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Letter to Sarah from Mikey, from Volks' webpage

Sep 14, 2005

    1. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, how have you been?

      Your own chosen child is coming to this world soon.

      Her pretty face is so clear now with her eyes wide open.

      When she put fine looking dresses, she will fly to where you are.

      She’ll be with you soon, so please hold on till she comes.

      Everybody is waiting to see a picture of you and your child when you are as
      good as you were in Japan.

      Thank you.

      From Mikey
      VOLKS INC.

      Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard??? :D They really are wonderful people! :chibi I can't wait to see Sarah's special doll!! :daisy
    2. Aw~ :D This whole story just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
      Sarah, I cannot wait to see your new girl!
    3. Aaaaw that is such a sweet letter :D
    4. That is really sweet :grin:
    5. Pictures, pictures! :D (Pictures of Sarah with doll, too, if she is willing! :D)
    6. THAT is wonderful... really brings a smile.

      These REALLY arent just "dolls" are they.. and I am super impressed with the way Volks (and other companies) make those differences.
      Ages ago I read some stories of people going to the stores to pick up their dolls.. and it was just so special too.
    7. That Mikey sure has a way with words!
    8. I didn't know there was a thread here!
      Wrappedup PMed me to give me the link!
      I am more excited than you can imagine!! How will I survive when I know she is all by herself maybe flying in the air or sitting on boxes!
      Of course I will be taking photos!
      I am so happy :)

    9. :cry:

      ::sobs:: That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard! (^__^)

      They're my favorite company... I love them... ::sniff snort snot::
    10. It's so sweet~ I will always respect the VOLKS company for what they do for their dolls and their customers, even if I didn't fall in love with any VOLKS dolls.

      I can't WAIT to see pictures of Sarah's special doll!
    11. Ahh, that's so sweet~! ^^ Can't wait to see her!

      ... can anyone link to the rest of the story? ^^;;
    12. It's so sweet of them, and I hope that you're feeling well Sarah!
    13. congrats on your new girl!
      we all can't wait to see you both :)
      take care and hugs :*
    14. Aww, congratulations Sarah!

      I truly respect Volks for just how much care they put into their dolls, and how sweet they are.
    15. That's soooooooooo adorableeeee!
    16. thats so sweet! i got a little teary reading it :daisy:
    17. Wow, how completely awesome of Volks.

      I just finished reading the "English Lessons" thread from August, Sarah I'm so happy you were able to go directly to Volks in Japan and have so many opportunities there to meet Mikey and the president, to experience the Dolpa and recieve such a special gift.

      I'm very, very happy to have seen this thread :)

      Can't wait for photos!
    18. I thought they wouldn't ship outside Japan?

      But it is very sweet.
    19. Aww... this is so sweet. :daisy :daisy :daisy