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Liebchen by FancyBoots

Oct 11, 2005

    1. If you haven't seen the progress on Leibchen by our own Diep, please check it out....

      I saw the head in the resin sample the other day and it is beautiful. Very porcelain like, a lot like Dollshe Salubia's. Diep has given her little head a face up and has been playing with eyes and wigs. Pictures on the website.

    2. She's really sweet looking. :grin:
    3. Aw, she´s really a Liebchen :D.
    4. Such a dear little face! And her body is so graceful! How much would she cost, I wonder...
    5. She is adorable ^^
    6. How tall is she? is there a place we can see the steps she took to create the doll that would be very interesting. She looks like she gives lots of kisses :daisy
    7. she has a post in the artist's section that might help you out :D
    8. eek, I am so pining for this girl.
    9. Aii, she only gets better... :cry: Do you know if Fancyboots will ever consider selling heads and bodies seperately at some point? That body is just incredible. So many heads I want to put on it... *_*
    10. Beautiful! I had a bit of difficulty visualizing the doll's potential, but she looks to be very photogenic.
    11. I don't have much more information for you than what is already on the website. She is about 15.5 inches tall and her body will be similar to Serendipity Sharmin, U-Noa and Narin Dolls. Maybe a tad slimmer.

      Her resin has the look of porcelain just like Dollshe Salubia's! Just beautiful. As far as price, I will post it as soon as I hear. As the guy is doing the molds and casting, I think she is waiting for a better idea at what the final cost will be.

      Keep checking the webpage and I will keep you up to date!

    12. She is amazingly gorgeous.
      Very mature looking for her height as well.
      Not quite MSD so;; i guess she would be a tiny?
    13. :D She is so cute! I can't wait to see the finished doll!
    14. Hi! I think that she'd be more MSD than tiny...she's 1" shorter than Unoa/Noel, but she's the same girth. I think that she's more realistically proportioned...less lanky, I think?...but she should be able to share some items of Unoa, and Serendipity. They wear the same wig size of 6-7.
    15. Hello, that's a very good question!

      I'm considering offering separate heads and bodies, as well as kits in the future, but at this point that will depend on the moldmaker. I'll update either here or at Karin's website and the Liebchen Yahoo group whenever we have any new news!
    16. Hello Fiore,

      Liebchen is expected to cost between $465 and $495 retail. That includes the doll, wig, glass eyes, faceup, and garment. Thank-you!

    17. Thank-you for helping to answer that! =^_^=
    18. Oh, that's wonderful. ^^ I'd love to have her just the way she is, but I'm also kind-of-almost considering a new body for my Charlotte, and that sculpt is just so exquisite. You've done such an amazing job. ^^
    19. Oh, she is so beautiful! Really, really pretty. I would love to own her sometime :D
      I love her mouth and her nose...