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Liebchien by FancyBoots

Sep 30, 2005

    1. I am so privileged to announce a new resin ball jointed doll made in the USA. I am honored to be hosting and presenting to you:

      Liebchen by FancyBoots

      Please enjoy the sneak preview. As ordering information becomes available, the site will be updated. Click on "FancyBoots" logo on www.KRBussman.com

      Enjoy! She is a real sweetheart!
    2. I am loving her so far! She's definitely a sweetheart. :daisy
    3. She is being cast as we speak. We thought we would go ahead and give a sneak preview while we wait for the finished doll. As more information is available I will update the site.

      A definite sweetheart!
    4. Oooh, neat! I'm looking forward to seeing her painted. ^^

      (Though unfortunately I don't think she can claim the title of 'first' as at least BishounenHouse has beat her to it, if not others... )
    5. Psssttt -- just FYI, Donn of Bishonen House is making resin BJDs in the U.S. . . .

      . . . but I'm delighted to see Liebchen, I've been excitedly following her progress in the Artist's forum!!

      Liebchen would make a perfect little sister for my Soony . . . eeeee, I can't wait 'til you've got pricing information up for her!!

      -- Andi <3
    6. Ahhh! That is correct! I will take that out immediately. Sorry Don.
    7. She's just gorgeous, I love those delicately curvy legs :D

      I'm glad that you and Fancyboots are going to be selling her, she's the prettiest sculpt!! I'm looking forward to seeing her painted :)

      -- Andi <3
    8. This is from our very own FancyBoots, the very talented seamstress/artist? I wondered what she was up to. Count me in!
    9. She's very cute, I can't wait to see how she looks with a face up and all dressed up :grin:

    10. She's jusy soooo exquisite! I can't wait to see how she comes out post-casting!
    11. **excited**. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled :)

    12. So cute :chibi I am definately going to be keeping an eye on updates on her. What an adorable face!
    13. Is she mini or SD sized?
    14. XD if she is under 400 I'll definatly get her. I was really wanting a very japanese girl
    15. The orginal posting in the Artist's Forum when she was making her and her final pictures said she's 38cm tall... (a little over 15 inches) So she's about MSD sized depending on which brand you look at...

      pretty little thing!

      I wonder if that's closer to serendipity noel sized?
    16. Yay! Congrats to Fancyboots on completion! She's lovely!
    17. Wow, she's gorgeous!! I'm definitely interested^^
    18. What a gorgeous, elegant sculpt! So slim and pretty.
    19. dont worry about it :oops:

      she is beautifull!, im glad to see your casting her :grin:
    20. Thanks Don, did not want to offend. I am not casting her, this is Diep's (FancyBoots) baby. I am just helping out a little bit by getting the word and pictures out.

      BTW- your guy is awesome.