Lies you tell yourself about BJD

Apr 24, 2021

    1. For example:
      - I promised myself I would not look or fall in love with anything smaller than 1/4 or pets. Now I am looking for a cute frog and those Pukifee look too cute to not eventually buy
      - I will not sell my first doll.

      What lie do you tell yourself? :wiggle
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    2. "I'm only gonna have 7, that's a good number." - I passed 7 like it was nothing years ago and I have 14 now.

      "I'm not gonna buy white skin dolls, it's too pale." - I think that I've got about five now? I like it more actually, although the yellowing is pretty apparent if you stick them next to each other. I did briefly have a zaoll who was paper white, and I didn't love that, but still I clearly didn't care that much.

      I'm sure I could think of more, but it would take awhile, I laugh at these now.
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    3. ‘This is the last one I’m going to get...’ :sweat
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    4. "They're so expensive, I will only have a girl and that's it!" I have two, one more on the way and considering another. (Five is my upper limit which may be a future lie...)

      "They don't cost that much" They are SDs with tons of clothes, accessories without counting the crafting stuff I got them. If I added it up, it would way more than what I previously spent on hobbies.

      "I'll do everything myself"! Turns out, I am bad at wigmaking and incapable of doing a decent faceup. And I got sucked into buying clothes, furniture and shoes, though I am trying to do mo re clothes myself.

      "I won't get WS or TS" My incoming doll is WS and the one I am considering is a TS...
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    5. They’re so expensive, I’m only going to have one...gonna stop at 5, I more than 7 and I’ll be happy...I’m totally stopping at an even dozen...seriously, absolutely no more than 20! (15 years of collecting later and I have a crew of 45.):sweat

      MSD size only! (9 SDs and a slew of tinies wandered into the collection somehow.);)

      Girls only! (Where did these half a dozen guys come from?):roll:
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    6. I’m not buying any more dolls.....this time is the last time....if it’s not on the wishlist, it can’t come home.... Even with all this, my collection just keeps growing :doh
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    7. "I only want one doll. I'll keep it behind glass, like a piece of art" :aangel:

      I now have five at home and six on the way...:eusa_pray
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    8. - "I only want one BJD. I'm perfectly happy with just one."
      I ended up with 4, with a 5th on the way.

      - "I will only buy one outfit and pair of shoes/eyes per doll."
      I have about 2 outfits per doll, and a few extra wigs, eyes, and shoes. I didn't go too overboard, thankfully. :whee:

      - "I would never get a tiny, I prefer taller dolls."
      I absolutely adore Lati Yellows now, and recently purchased my 2nd one. :lol:
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    9. I thought I would never get white skin and or any size other than 1/4, but now I've already placed an order for a white SD head and another SD. Will probably get a YoSD in the future too
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    10. @lyaam12 the "I'll make everything myself" got me laugh :D It's so true! One soon realises that while these things aren't that easy and rarely does it happen that one collector can craft everything for their BJDs :) I know I can't lol :D

      The one I tell myself is about sewing for my bjds and it goes "I will spend only one hour of crafting and then go back to my duties! No crafting binge this time!
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    11. I will only have one. But he needed a friend. Maybe a girl too. Ok only 6. Maybe 13. No more than 26!! Ok 39. Then I realized I had way too many, sold most and set my limit at 13 again. My 14th is ordered with two more on my wishlist. What am I even doing?? :XD:

      Also, no girls. Ever. I currently have 8 girls, only 5 boys and one genderfluid. I finally figured out that I actually like girls better.
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    12. "I have the most beautiful dolls in the whole world~"

      It seems to make them feel good, no sense telling them I'm biased. :abambi:
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    13. "I will have only one Minifee."
      The biggest lie in my whole life lol XD
    14. I’ll only buy one at a time, wait till that one comes in before I order another...oops!
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    15. I will eventually stop buying dolls!

      GIANT lie.
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    16. "No more than 2 dolls."
      *Has 3
      *lurks on websites to see if there's any new release
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    17. "I will only collect MSD size" directly into "I will only collect SD size" after getting my first SD. I've bought 2 MSDs within the last month.
      I also told myself I would only get boys and only get realistic sculpts, but nope! Everyone is welcome.
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    18. No white skin dolls unless it's a ghost or vampire character. I own two WS dolls and neither fits that criteria.
      I say I have too many, but recently got one and am eyeing two more...
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    19. “I only want one” I have four now.

      “I’m never getting a Doll Chateau. They’re too creepy. ” My first doll was a Doll Chateau and they’re now one of my favorite companies. I had only seen promo pictures of the bigger sizes, not owner photos, then clicked on the DC kids thread out of curiosity and fell in love. Oops? Can’t say I regret it. I don’t find them very creepy anymore, just unique and pretty in their own odd way.

      “I only want to have girls”. This one is still true so far, but I have been keeping an eye out for a boy. Someday I’ll find one I like enough to buy.
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    20. "I'll just get one... three... four... six and I'm done..."
      "Just elves... elves and fantasy dolls... definitely no humans..."
      "Only MSD... okay just the one tiny... definitely no SDs ever (again)..."
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