Sales Promotion [Light Limner] 1 year Anniversary 30 ~ 40 % OFF EVENT

Jul 17, 2016

    1. Hello, DOA Friends,


      We welcome to the 1st foundation day.
      We offer 30 ~40% discount for basic Light Limner dolls during event.

      EVENT Period : 20th July 2016 ~ 17th Aug 2016

      ▶ $610 (Head + Body) → $389
      ▶ $130 (Separate Head Part) → $90

      1) 30 ~ 40% off base price (without options and shipping)
      2) Layaway 3 months max for this offer
      3) Limited or event dolls orders are not qualified for this event.

      You can order in our website or Etsy.
      If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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    2. Congratulations on your anniversary! What an awesome sale. I'm definitely going to have to consider splurging.
      I do have a quick question though, I asked on another one of your posts but I think you may have missed it. Can you please post some pictures of Connie without a faceup? I'm having a hard time looking past the makeup and seeing if the sculpt will work for a certain character of mine. Thanks so much!
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    3. Congratulations on your anniversary, and thank you for the sale! I would love to see photos of the heads with no faceup. Thank you!
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    4. This would give us a nice idea of the sculpt :) I second the idea!
    5. Oh I'm sorry about that. I must missed it.
      We will update Connie's pictures-without faceup today.
      Thank you!
    6. Selina, Letisha and Koren has pictures without faceup.
      And I just update Connie's none faceup pictures in website.
      You can check this page Link
      Thank you!
    7. Thanks so much!! I'm excited to see them!
    8. Gosh I'm so sorry to be a bother again. Is there any chance of getting profile pictures of the girls (especially Connie)? Like photos of the direct side view? The pictures on your site are either straight on or three quarters angle, and some side pictures would be hugely helpful.
      Thanks so much! Sorry to keep pestering you!
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    9. No problem :)
      You can check on my flickr. Some pictures on there.
      If you want especial picture, let me know. I'll upload for you :)
      Thank you!
    10. Congrats on one year! I will have to get something to celebrate ahaha
    11. Thank you so much! You have some gorgeous pictures on your account. I would love some direct side view pictures of the blank heads if you get the chance! Thanks so much for being so helpful.
    12. Thank you so much! I will expect to you :D
    13. Congratulations! I have admired Letisha by far since the first time I saw a photo of her. I just ordered her!!!!! Yes! But I did it so fast, as soon as I saw the sale was up, I didn't even check what side head she was...I'm almost positive it's for a 58cm body, which is perfect for me. I just checked again on the Etsy page to see if it was listed but it isn't (or I'm just not seeing it).
    14. The body measurements are in the Etsy listings for the full dolls.
    15. Gah, my brain isn't working today. Thankyou! I'm so glad I didn't screw up and order something I couldn't use. :abow:
    16. 7 days left
      Don't forget! :D