Sales Promotion [Light Limner] Final OFF SALE ~50% (in stock)

Jul 5, 2019

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      Hello, DOA Friends!

      Light Limner BJD sale in stock doll head and body parts-discount price!
      It's our M-Line girl's final sale, so you can't never get them after this.

      Now We have only Connie and Sophie heads ($45)
      + Body parts are unassebled ($210)

      It's final sale and they will be no more sales.
      It will be sold until out of stock :)

      Please check our Etsy page!
      Thank you!

      >>>> Light Limner Etsy <<<<

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    2. Is there any images of the heads blank?
    3. When it says that it's the M-Line girl's final sale, does that mean the entire E-Mundo series? So there will be no more preorders? D:
    4. Yes it will be no more order for M-Line girls.
    5. I'm sorry to bother you.
      You can see their blank face in our website.
    6. Now We have only Connie and Sophie heads ($45)
      and body parts are unassebled ($210)
      If you interested, please check!