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LikeMey AYRAN BRAND NEW COLOR_Perfect matching with Volks head.

Jun 2, 2008

    1. LikeMey Bust 'AYRAN', Useful utility for keeping extra heads without bodies.

      Brand NEW Volks Normal Color has just been released.

      Available on http://stores.ebay.com/likemey


      LikeMey AYRAN with a head from Volks


      LikeMey AYRAN with a head from Custom House


      LikeMey AYRAN with a head from DIM
    2. Which colour is the bust? Is it normal or pale?
    3. That's pretty interesting actually!
      Are they resin as well?
    4. Will you keep the original Likemey resin colour too?
    5. We have three colors.


      They are Pinky normal, Pale, Volks normal.

      Pinky normal and pale are our original colors(our doll creater picked them).

      We've just released the new color, Volks normal.

      Our AYRAN is made of same resin as our bodies.

      Buyers buy AYRAN to check our skin colors if it would match for their own items before purchasing our body or head as well.

      If you have any question about our items, please feel free to contact us, leave your question at our Q&A board on our website. www.likemey.com

      I'll get back to you with proper answer as soon as possible.

      Thank you so much for your interest.