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LIKEMEY Ayran Busts Available at Featherfall!

Jun 27, 2008

    1. That's right the Aryan busts are available for order currently Featherfall.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      There are a handful in stock currently but they'll be more on the way. For inquiries about them or any of the new stock, please contact customer service. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    2. I know this isn't a discussion thread, but I'd like to add a comment: these busts are *wonderful*. Though they are quite lightweight, they are very well balanced (I haven't had any issues of the heads toppling over, even with wigs & hats on), and the Volks normal resin is a good match for Volks normal pureskin. On top of that, Featherfall has an excellent store with good shipping policies.
    3. Thank you Lady Samhainne. ^_^ Yes, they're wonderful additions - and a great way to hold your heads while doing a faceup.

      Don't forget that our Free Shipping event is still going on, for order of $150 and up in the US/ Canada. Please remember to input the code, as we can't change it retroactively.

      Also, in case you are not in our newsletter -
      Dollheart's re-releases are up on our site ( for late September release):

      They will be available for a limited ordering time only, so don't miss out. Retailers will all have different dates they're sending their preorders in, so don't forget to check on that -- Dollheart loves your support, and your love of their outfits -- please bear with them and us if there are slight delays. ;)


      White Fer: http://www.dollheart.com/shop/ld85/shop_ld85_e.htm
      Black Fer: http://www.dollheart.com/shop/ld117/ld117_e.htm
      Tea Melody: http://www.dollheart.com/shop/ld158/shop_ld158_e.htm
      Garden Spirit: http://www.dollheart.com/shop/ld166/shop_ld166_e.htm