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Likemey discussion thread

Apr 11, 2008

    1. Official website

      Likemey Ebay shop

      Other stockists-Luts

      Likemey on Den of Angels

      Likemey pinky skin compared to normal skin resins from other companies (thanks Lossefaire):

      CP head on Likemey pinky skin (thanks Kurosakura)
    2. Lovely dolls, that boy is really pretty. Just what I've been looking for, for a character... If I could figure out how to read/use the site despite the language barrier.

    3. the body looks nice. The boy doesn't do it for me... I'd be curious to see owner pictures.
    4. Luts also distributes them
    5. :ablink: Huh? They do! They must have just added that category within the last day or two....
      They don't have the heads/bodies up separately, though they are selling the cute little floating head busts. :XD: It looks like the dolls are available in both white and normal skin tones, too....
    6. Niana looks like a male head to me in some of the pictures. I really love her body - it's so buxom.
    7. My computer doesn't really display this site well... anyone else have this problem?
      The last pic of the boy's head is quite beautiful I think!

    8. I think the body sculpts are gorgeous, but I don't like their head molds.
    9. I just went straight to Luts, which displays altogether tooooo well on my computer.

      The boy body sculpt is very muscled; I wonder if the back-bend I'm seeing is just an artifact of the picture angles or what. :?

      The girl definately has a sway back, and large bust.

      Two-joint torso, single joints all around.

      I'm not in love, but they seem to be reasonable dolls.

      Ann in CT
    10. It's displaying terribly on my computer as well. I don't know why, since I have one of the most common screen resolutions out there, but it shows up in a TEENY TINY bar for me--I can't even see 1/3 of a picture at a time. Bad site coding, perhaps? I just went to Luts instead. I'm a little concerned about the "looseness" of the joints... the torsos especially look like they just pop out of place at a moment's notice.
    11. Made a news thread about them for more exposure. I really like these dolls and the cool resin busts that allow you to string the head in for posing.
    12. For people having trouble with the site... what browser are you using? I tested 4: IE works fine, Firefox makes it a thin bar with stuff missing, Safari and Netscape only load a blank, grey page.
    13. I wonder what kind of colour is the normal skin? Pinkish, Volksish, pale?
    14. Those busts are so cool...
    15. I agree... Especially the girl body! WOWZERS! :o The head molds aren't really my thing, though. I hope they plan on selling the bodies separately eventually, the boy body looks great too.
    16. I hope they have them in stock for awhile. I'm going to get that boy, but I just ordered Beryl, so he will have to wait a month or two.

    17. I really love those resin busts! I wonder if they would match Volks well. :o
    18. LOL I will be quite crass to say I like Quaium because he has a really nice butt! Wish the pics showed his face more clearly. The musculature of the body is quite nice too. I could see just getting the body to use with another head. The Aryan mold thing is interesting, a great way to display the newly done head you're looking to sell and also to mount said head while doing a face-up.
    19. I too like the busts. I might just have to get one.
    20. Oh I' heading to Luts now =)
      Haha those busts are weird but I admit I'd love one each for my 6 heads that I have to stuff in a draw. That would make ne creepy ornament =P
      I like the boy aswell haven't seen the bodies enough yet I'm weary of overly flexible dolls.....bendage xD