Lillycat Cerisedolls Discussion ~ 2

Jan 25, 2018

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    2. @fiszi Which sculpt are you considering?
    3. Oh, there are more? I've just seen one on Google ^^'
    4. There's Lyse and Ellana at the moment.
      Have you checked out Lillycat's website? It has all the past releases on there.

      Or follow her Facebook to follow any future releases (or just browse her photos).
    5. There is also Ninon. :3nodding:

      Which one did you look at @fiszi?
    6. Oh yeah of course xD
    7. Wow! Your knitting is gorgeous - perfect fit.
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    8. New thread! So I'm sharing my dyed Lyse again.

      [​IMG]ADAW 1/52 Phobos by Nymrah, on Flickr

      I haven't had time or energy to paint her yet X__x
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    9. @renew Thank you! I'm really enjoying knitting for Kira (Lyse)! It's her turn for a new dress/outfit as soon as I finish the one I'm working on for another doll. Not sure what style yet. I design as I knit for the most part.

      @fisze I'm new to bjd's as of last summer. When I first saw these dolls I wasn't sure what to think. Then my Kira (Lyse) popped up on a for sale forum and I thought ~ why not? I love her. She's so unique. Everything I put on her takes on a look of it's own.

      Here is Kira and Kimi her fire dragon.

      [​IMG]DSC_1809 by Kristi Holaas, on Flickr
    10. Gosh I really love the way she make her dolls !!
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    11. OMG! I just can't even! what a beauty!! <3
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    12. She’s gorgeous! I particularly love her wig. Did you make it or purchase it? I just bought my first serious bjd, Ellana, and am trying to figure out where to get wigs and shoes that will fit well.
    13. Just made my second payment on my Ellana and oh my goodness are your girls making me excited for her. I’m also wondering what shoes are a good size for her!!
    14. @lelyashim She's incredibly gorgeous! Beautiful faceup :love

      I just spent all day on Kira's makeover. My first faceup and need more practice but I think she's happy.

      [​IMG][​IMG]WP_20180213_021 by
    15. She looks gorgeous, I can't wait to see your styling - just looking around your Flickr I got super excited.
    16. Thanks, that makes me happy to read! :D
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    17. I wanted to showcase my lovely manon! hope you like her :)[​IMG]
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    19. Hi all! I am shopping for eyes for my Ellana. I am curious about what sizes you are all using for her. It would be super helpful to know!