Limited Items Lillycat Poulpy limited edition

Jul 21, 2016

    1. Hello Doa !

      Poulpy is coming back on for a limited edition :)
      For this sale she is available with magnetic cat ears in marron glacé.
      40 dolls are available blank and 10 with faceup made by me.
      The sale will open on July the 25th at 10am french hour.
      More pictures and informations on my website.
      Have a nice day !



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    2. There is something wrong with your link, every time I click it I'm sent to a place holder saying this site dose not exist.
    3. Is January 25th the correct date? As in 2017?
    4. Hello

      Oh I am sorry I made a mistake in the link + in the date :doh
      Guess I need some vacations.
      The sale starts on July the 25th and not January of course.
      Have a nice day !
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