Lillycat Tinycherry Aglae, Lulu & Colline discussion part 1

Sep 28, 2013

    1. I was trying to find some post about these two, but either one doesnt exist yet, or i missed it.

      But i ordered Aglae (havent been sent my invoice yet) was totally not plannning on getting her lol xD
      I've had small company dolls before, but usually don't stay with me too long.

      Im really excited to see what shes like in person~

      going on measurements, it seems they are close to pukipuki/realpuki except for hips for size.
      I want to start shopping for her xD

      anyone else order one of these girls?

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      Lillycat Tinycherry Aglae, Lulu & Colline discussion part 1:
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    2. I'm too lucky because I was able to buy one on the Cerisedolls booth ! ^^
      She is tan skin and got the two face plates.
      I will post a lot of pictures as soon as I can.

      For the size, thay can wear some monster high trousers, and blythes socks and shoes (not all shoes just some). They also fit very well with socks in Atelier Momony shoes.

      The body is realy cool and it can take a lot of diffenrent poses!
      I'll be back tomorow with pictures.

      Does any one know if there is a topic to talk about the ldoll festival and post pictures on it?
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    3. I love that colour~ Congrats on your little one~ Shes so cute!
      What size ATM shoes? Lati yellow? look like a perfect fit~
      Love that little deer too~
    4. Ah ah thank you!
      The shoes are not lati yellow size, they are made for the little doll that atelier momony designed (i don't remember the mold name)
      I think she also can wear some blythe shoes.
    5. [​IMG]

      Thought I would share my Lulu <3 She's such a beautiful face!
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    6. Has anyone who's received one already, tried any clothing yet?

      Would it be possible also, to get the feet size?

      Thats the only thing i didnt see listed on the girls pages.
    7. I tried monster high clothes on mine and pants fit well.
      But execpt for this, I got no clothe which fit them well. The uper part of the body is realy realy tiny, so she will need clothe made specialy for her!

      For the shoes the only pairs I found for her is the Atelier MOMONY shoes. It is perfect with socks.
      Lillycat told me that some Blythe shoes can also fit good. But I didn't try it.
    8. Actually, for tops I found that some little Bratz tops fit the cherry body ^^ It's nice to know that the monster high clothes fit too!
    9. Oh im suprised to hear the monster high pants fit. I was thinking top or dress might work, because the chest is like 3cm difference.

      I hope they are ready soon~ I would love to take her on vacation with me
    10. Monster High tops are really too big for them :)
      Tiny cherries got a really tiny tiny chest!
    11. I picked up my girl today~

      eeeek! by Sanngridr, on Flickr

      Shes sitting on my Unoa Zero I will go work on her faceup today hopefully, her name is Diana
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    12. Hi!!!!!!!!!
      Today, finally my aglae arrived to my house.
      I like her cute carry bag and dot-pink cushion!!...
      And her head and body is so tiny than I thought.
      I must search a wig for her^^
      That is so funny time for me.
      In this weekend, I want to do make up to her.
    13. I have a 4/5 wig from HERE that fits perfectly if anyone wanted to know.

      LueRu: Congrats! I can't wait to see how she turns out~

      I just love her tiny delicate little body~ So dainty~
    14. captainkyo : Thank you~ ^^
      I have a monday's child from RosenLied.
      Aglae can use her wigs! But a bit large, maybe.
      Thank you about another wigs information.
      I want black bobbed hair.
    15. Oh Wow - I have been so Excited about the arrival of my little girl I have been looking at all your pictures and so Enjoying what Beautiful sculpts these are - they pose so wonderfully and each picture has them looking so very happy to be home and ready to play!

      I love the body and the posing is really awesome, so far I have my girl in Monster High clothes and I think these shoes might be Blythe, not sure as I bought them at a doll meet up. I Love the pictures of the lovely case that came along with, am thinking of turning it into a travel sewing project bag.

      So here is my little LuLu who has no name yet, but I just cant stop playing with her and I even miss her when I am not home, she will make a nice travel doll when I figure out a safe case for her.

      CeriseDolls LilyCat Tiny Cherry LuLu by DollZWize, on Flickr
    16. DollZwize : What lovely eyes...Lulu:gingerbreadman

      Not finished her face up yet.
      But she is so cute... I Love her so much.
      wig & eyes are from RosenLied monday's child size.

      Pretty.... so pretty:treecookie:goldstar

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    17. Ohhh OMG, how cute
      So lovely girl!!!

      WintedMonkey & DillZwize : Thank you so much!!

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