New Doll Lillycat's Chibbi Moon

Jul 6, 2017

    1. Hi everybody !

      A new doll is coming :)
      Please let me introduce Chibbi Moon, she is a chibbi version of Ombre and will be available from July the 10th to the 23rd.
      For this first sale she is available in Pns and Caramel skin.
      With default faceup or blank.
      Please note that this is one of the last preorder I make as I would like to move for a stock sale system in the futur.




      Thank you for looking :)
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    2. Hello! Do you accept any layaway plan? :)
    3. Hello,

      Yes 3 months layaways are available :)
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    4. Do you have a website? She fits blythe clothes, right?

    5. The first preorder? Do you have plans to offer her in other colors?
    6. Yes I have a website she can wears blythe dress and top ( no skirt and pants ).

      Yes it is the first time she is for sale.
      Depending of this preorder if everything goes fine for her I will make other sales in the futur.
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    7. Chibbi Moon preorder is now open ! =^^=
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