Preorder Lillycat's Chibbi Moon

May 4, 2018

    1. Hi everybody !

      My little Chibbi Moon is back from today to May the 14th for a preorder on
      For this preorder I choosed to offer her in two fantaisy skin tone as collectors were asking for.
      She is available in Amande ( new skin color ) and Lilas purple.

      As usual make up option and layaways are available.
      Here are the new layaways terms :

      I would like also to say few words about the recent recast and thieft of my brand by a chinese recaster.
      The only place to buy my doll is my website or on the second hand market. I have no dealer and don't sell on amazon, ebay or aliexpress. So if you see a shop selling my dolls there they are not legit....
      Also since last year, each doll comes with an identification number linked to your name.
      If you sell the doll please let me know this way I can update the file.
      This identification number will help selling your doll on the second hand market as you will be able to proove they are legit.
      If you have any doubt regarding a sale on the second hand market also feel free to mail me.
      Thank you for reading :)



      Have a nice day !
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