Update Lillycat's new website !

Dec 1, 2016

    1. Hello,

      Wanted to share a good new, as my new website is now online [​IMG] !
      You can follow me now on www.lillycat-dolls.com
      For all your future order please create a new account there.
      Hope you will love it, there is now a blog section where we can talk about new dolls, but also where I can show you part of the life at the workshop and work in progress pictured !
      For technical reason the site is only in english.

      Feel free to send me an email if you have any trouble creating a new account [​IMG]

      I will make some change in the selling method, from now each doll will be available on preorder less often ( around 1 time by year ) and only in basic color ( normal, pink, caramel and marron glacé ).
      Other colors will be available only for limited edition and during stock sale with limited quantities.

      First doll available in preorder there will be Lana with the new Chibbi line.
      More information about her very soon :)

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