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LilmADHAttERLu's Feedback

May 24, 2010

    1. So dolls,

      Since i have begun to shop around here on DOA I have decided to go ahead and post myself a feedback thread so that everyone i sell to buy from or trade with can leave what they thought about me down below I would like to thank everyone for thier bussiness and comments ^.^

    2. Lilmadhatterlu Decided that she wanted to buy my BBB March we discussed the few details and she was great to work with. her payment was quicker than originally discussed but that's fine and I would deffinately do business with her again.


    3. Thank you very much you were very pleasent to do bussiness with as well ^.^ i would gladly buy from you agian
    4. Lilmadhatterlu approached me for a trade, one of my wigs for some clothes she made. She was very upfront about her own abilities, maybe even a little more modest than needed. Very easy to deal with, Very eager to please, She sent me progress pictures to make sure that everything was to my liking and even sent me Several freebies which were very adorable. She has been nothing but positive and I would definitely trade with her again.
    5. Aww thankies mucho your complaments mean alot to me and tickled me pink :giggles: i'm glad you like your items its been a pleasure working with you
    6. LilmADHAttERLu bought a set of Tarot cards from me, she was very friendly and communication was excellent, the transaction went smoothly as well~ (thankies soo much for the extra tips again! XD)
      An A++ buyer, won't hesitate to do business with her again! :)

    7. Your very welcome ^.^ it was a pleasure
    8. Lilmadhatterlu purchased some things from my for sale thread. Transaction was smooth and wonderful. Thanks!!
    9. your very welcome it was a pleasure working with you ^.^
    10. LilmADHAttERLu bought some clothing from me. Very prompt communication and fast payment, thank you!
    11. Your very welcom i love the items ^.^
    12. LilmADHAttERLu commission me for a face at AWA 2010. She was very nice and told me what she wanted for the face up. I would diffidently work with her again. ^^ Thanks!!!! :D

    13. thankies much shecow i appcerate everything you've done for me
    14. She bought a handful of items from me, including dresses, a wig, and eyes.

      Was very fun to work with!

      Glad you like everything ^_^
    15. no thank you i love the items the dresses are so cute! i would deffently work with you agian
    16. Bought 3 pairs of YOSD shoes from me, great communication and sent payment quickly. It was a pleasure to do a transaction with you.
    17. Thank you so much! It's been a pleasure working with you as well I can;t wait to see the shoes! and as soon as they come in I will give you feedback on your thread!! Thanks agian!!
    18. LilmADHAttERLu boughtmy Dollzone Chinese Dragon Girl event doll on layaway. She was very prompt, communicated well, and finished her payments ahead of schedule. I would be glad to do business with her again.

      A++ buyer. :)
    19. Thank you so much Pazuzu! I love her soo much!!!
    20. LilmADHAttERLu bought a doll from me, perfect transaction, communication was excellent, payment was fast and she let me know when she get him. I highly recommended her. Thanks so much!