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Limhwa 43cm (Leda & Sujan) Discussion Part 1

Sep 22, 2010

    1. Leda and the other Limhwa girls are going to be available through a new company called EOSdoll.

      Also, JunkySpot will be their distributor (direct link to the Limhwa 43cm page).

      Info here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?449025

      And new info on a European distributor: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?451929-European-Dealer-for-Limhwa-EOS-doll

      Just starting a discussion thread for this girl to keep the News thread chat-free :aheartbea

      I'll update this top post with detailed info as it becomes available.


      Links to images:

      Pic 1
      Pic 2
      Pic 3
      Pic 4
      Pic 5

      43cm Limhwa (Leda & Sujan) Measurements
      Height: 43cm (approx. 17")
      : 10mm
      Head:16.2cm (approx. 6.4")
      Bust:18.3cm (approx. 7.2")
      Waist:12.8cm (approx. 5")
      Hips:19.3cm (approx. 7.6")

      In comparison, here are ChicLine (large bust female), MiniFee (active line female), MSD, and SD-Cute from Volks, and Unoa (large bust female)measurements...

      Unoa Measurements

      Height: 43cm (approx. 17")
      : 12mm
      Head: 18cm (approx. 7.1")
      Bust: 18cm (large bust) (approx. 7.1")
      Waist: 13cm (approx. 5.1")
      Hips: 20cm (approx. 7.9")

      MiniFee Measurements (Active Line)
      Height: 41cm (approx. 16.1")
      : 14-16mm
      Head: 18.5cm (approx. 7.3")
      Bust: 18cm (approx. 7")
      Waist: 12cm (approx. 4.7")
      Hips: 19cm (approx. 7.5")

      ChicLine Measurements
      Height: 37cm (approx. 14.6")
      : 6mm
      Head: 12cm (approx. 4.7")
      Bust: 16.7cm (approx. 6.6")
      Waist: 11cm (approx. 4.3")
      Hips: 17.5cm (approx. 6.9")

      MSD Measurements
      Height: 42cm (approx. 16.5")
      : 14-16mm
      Head: 19.5cm (approx. 7.7")
      Bust: 18.5cm (approx. 7.3")
      Waist: 15.3cm (approx. 6")
      Hips: 19cm (approx. 7.5")

      SD-Cute Measurements
      Height: 42cm (approx. 16.5")
      : 14-16mm
      Head: 18.5cm (approx. 7.3")

      Lots more measurements for comparing: http://descendingtwilight.webs.com/bjd-measurements.html


      I am soooooo excited for this girl!

      I've tried MSD and Unoa and they didn't work for me...and I've tried ToYou and Half-Elf from Limhwa and they didn't work either...so I'm pinning my hopes that this girl might finally be the perfect Limhwa and doll in this size who will want to stay in my house.

      .....Mod Note...

      Limhwa Leda (43cm) discussion Part 1:

      Limho/Narin Comparison (Nudity) PLUS Yellowing and skin tone comparison

      Limhwa Limho and Leda can be bought here:

      About Limho- a 44.5 cm size ball jointed doll (from Catrina)
      Eye size: 14 mm
      Size: 44.5cm
      head: 16.5cm (6.5 inches)
      neck circumference: 7.9cm
      shoulders until cuff: 13.4 cm
      chest: 18 cm
      waist circumference: 14cm
      torso circumference: 18.7cm
      thigh circumference: 11.3cm
      leg length: 22cm
      foot: 5.5cm

      MONO BOY 44.5CM (from Junkyspot)
      * Height: 44.5 Cm
      * Head circumference: 16.5cm (Wig size 6.6)
      * Neck circumference: 7.9cm
      * Bust circumference: 18.0cm
      * Waist circumference: 11.3cm
      * Hips circumference: 18.7cm
      * Leg length (foot not included): 22cm
      * Arm length (sleeve): 13.4cm
      * Foot length: 5.5cm
      * Eyes: 10mm

      LEDA GIRL 43.5CM (from Junkyspot)
      * Height: 43.5cm
      * Head circumference: 16.2cm(Wig size 6.5)
      * Bust circumference: 18.3cm
      * Waist circumference: 12.8cm
      * Hips circumference: 19.3cm
      * Eyes: 10mm

      SUJAN GIRL 43.5CM (from Junkyspot)
      * Height: 43.5cm
      * Head circumference: 16.2cm (Wig size 6.5)
      * Bust circumference: 18.3cm
      * Waist circumference: 12.8cm
      * Hips circumference: 19.3cm
      * Eyes: 10mm

      Limhwa Limho 44cm photo thread:

      Limhwa Limho 44.5cm Discussion Part 1:
    2. Oh, definitely! Limhwa's faces are just great...this one is like a slightly miniature version of the half-elf from what you can see in these pix.

      ToYou just didn't work for me because of her small size and Half-Elf was a bit "too" mature next to my beloved SD10s, so I'm really happy to see this new 43cm size and have high hopes she'll stick around here.

      What I am LOVING are the legs...super posable and really nice jointing. And high heeled feet are just plain fun imho. And from this pic it looks like she might have really neat "double" jointing in her arms too.

      She reminds me of FairyLand's C-Line and I can't wait to see how the measurements stack up to each other. Hopefully they can share some things.
    3. My white ToYou was a super pale white without much color...a bit of yellow, but not much. My Half-Elf was normal tone, so photos of her wouldn't help.

    4. I also don't like peanut joints in knees as it makes knees look very unnatural, but with this design you can choose to leave the knee in a position as if it has a single jointed system and it almost looks the same as Limhwa's single jointed knee system. Should you want to use the full mobility of the peanut joint, you can still do that. :D
    5. Which peanut joints force you to use them a different way?

      DollsTown's Elf works as you describe, so that's what I'm used to, but I'm curious what else is out there.

      Glad other people are excited about this girl!

      I can't WAIT for details.

      Twylight, I'm surprised too that she's not got a faceplate like all the other Limhwa's...I hadn't even noticed it til you mentioned!
    6. I don't own many dolls with peanut joint knees, but in some cases which is seen with several peanut joint elbows, the rounding of the joint isn't smooth when the leg (or arm) is bend halfway (90 degree angle). Part of the joint may also protrude forward with some designs in an unsightly way (=my personal opinion), but other Limhwa's dolls have this nice locking system in the knees that when the legs are bend with an 90 degree angle they have a smooth look and it's nice to see that still appears to be the case with this new Limhwa girl.
      Functionally you can bend most peanut joint knees as if they are single jointed, but it does not always have to look like a single jointed system.
    7. 43cm is my "perfect" bjd size! Love LEDA and hope to get her when available! I love my Limhwa Human and tiny SARA, but 43cm w/improved jointing and more "mature" over-all look sure has me excited!
    8. I just love the face and body of this beautiful girl. Wonder when Limhwa plans to release her. She will be a perfect addition to my collection of their dolls. I love their white resin too.
    9. I'm so on board! I thought I was halting my collecting for a while soon as well...but then Leda shows up ;)

      I absolutely love my Limhwa Luna, so this girl is a no-brainer with the new joints! Now if only Limhwa will make the 57cm girls double jointed, I'd be in Heaven ^^
    10. I am 98% sure she's my next doll. My Half Elf will just have to wait. :( She's just so... far beyond the stylized looks of other MSD's, I love that about her. I have had so many possibilities float through my head about her the last few weeks. (she just bumped my other MNF off the list O.O )

      Do you think there's a way to get an extra set of hands with her? I'd love to sand down her nails on one set and then have an original set....or does Limhwa cast a doll complete?
    11. Ack, there's a thread for her here, and I didn't see... Well, this girl is just adorable, I loved her face, it's very Jung Ji Youn style >w<

      But what got most of my attention was the body. This body. *dies* OMG, HOW I WISH there was a similar body for the 57 girls! I loved how the artist worked with the joints, and in my opinion, they seem better thought than the single joints... And the sculpt is just crazy, how I love the Limhwa girls bodies. And I think it's really cool that she thought of the joints without making a hell lot of changes in the sculpt that could ruin this famous body. For me the sculpt is perfect, they only needed to improve the poseability...

      Now I'm really really anxious to see a 57cm girl with double jointed body, featuring great poseability and this amazing sculpt they have. I would break when they released it, but I would buy it for sure for my half elf girl.
    12. Any New Info...??? Anything...?
    13. I bet we'll hear more after the last pre-ordered dolls are done...not sure when that'll be, but I'd imagine we will have to wait a bit longer.
    14. :DJust thought that I would pop-in with an update here!!! I can't wait!!!

      Have fun and take care!!!

    15. Oh how exciting! I hope they do an official announcement soon :)
    16. That's great news! I don't think I've been this excited over a doll since the release of the ChibiUnoas :lol:
    17. I don't see a link to Leda on the left though, so no ordering her during this order period?

      I'll be gutted if we don't hear more soon...

      Well, maybe that's overly dramatic...disappointed, there, that's better. Maybe I'll email Catrina directly and see if I can find anything out.

    18. gothiclibrarian - Maybe they're just a bit late in udpating the page since Catrina still has the Narinmess to deal with? I know there has been some slight delays in orderingperiods before, so hopefully Leda is still going up in a couple of days.
    19. she seems really cute!! :D
    20. Hi everyone
      Ordering should start tonight (Thursday night).. I was hoping to start it last night, but got caught up in contacting all the current ordering period owners to reconfirm their addresses for direct shipment from Korea. And I got more Leda photos of the joints and shoes.

      Prices are fantastic! Leda $300 minus/ $330 plus sets.. the extra high heeled feet and shoes are $40 a set.
      We'll be selling MONO and 57 cm girls at a discount for the holidays.

      Thanks for your patience. I'm really excited for you to see all the photos very soon and see what you think!