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Limhwa 57 Girls discussion: Half Elf, Human, Eva, Dreaming Half Elf

Nov 15, 2007

    1. Here is the discussion group for the biggest Limhwa girls:

      Half Elf, Human, Eva, and Dreaming Half Elf.
    2. Will we be able to order the sleeping faceplate seperately? *crosses fingers!*
    3. Hi Katrina,

      If we already bought the half-elf, can we buy just the faceplate? If so, what will the price be?


      Oh, And is there a chance there will be a Dreaming Human?
    4. what? no dreaming human? O.O -staggers away-
    5. Are the dolls still made of French Resin? Are there any plans to use something other than French Resin for the Limhwa dolls?
    6. Wow! Limwha does it again! Completely gorgeous. Sigh. I'm amazed, a "dreaming" head that doesn't look stoned for a change. :)
    7. Hi everyone,
      All great questions, and I hope to have more information for you soon.
      Just got the photos and didn't want to wait to share with you.

      And I am happy to say, there is more on the way too. She has been in a creative flow where she makes a lot of new things.

      Gilshallos, haven't forgotten your request and we hope to get news of the last order shipment soon. Please stand by.

    8. Catrina she's amazing! and right when I'm trying to decide who the ladies of my crew will be. :mwahaha I love it. Though I do agree a dreaming human would be pretty... dreamy. XD
    9. :rocks quietly in a corner:

      ...please be Heartbreak Boy...please be Heartbreak Boy....
    10. im so happy ji youn is making more fabulous sculpts.

      i'd like to see a Dreaming Human sculpt also. Thank you Catrina!
    11. The dreaming half elf is absolutely stunning! She is such a talented sculptor...
    12. Such a lovely new girl, aaah. The dreaming half elf looks pensive- very nice!!!!
    13. *pat pat*

      I think it's all girl stuff this time, but I will give her a little nudgie about Heartbreak boy.

      He does have a real name now.

      I think it all depends on who comes along in the creative stream.

      Thanks for all the nice comments.. I am going to pass them along to her.
    14. Eeee, thank you~! :) :) :)

      Will we ever get to know his real name?
    15. oh god i hope we can get the faceplate, the dreaming elf is stunning!!!
    16. When can we order....I will steal from my hubby to get her....:mwahaha
    17. Darn… Still holding out hope for a tan Mano. :eusa_pray

      But these girls are just lovely! Limwha never ceases to impress me. :aheartbea
    18. The Dreaming Half elf is GORGEOUS:love I hope for the sake of Half Elf owners everywhere that Limhwa lets up purchase the face plate on it's own:eusa_pray What a gorgeous face:aheartbea
    19. Oh! I love the Half Elf dreaming head! I hope we can get just the face plate! I don't have room for another whole doll!
    20. Oh Catrina

      you did it again!<3

      I am hoping so hard that the faceplates will be avail separately because I am busting out of space for my dorries!