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Limhwa 57 - new hand sculpt released

May 23, 2007

    1. Hello everyone,
      I have heard from Limhwa regarding the possibility that people can buy the new hand sculpt.

      She says that will not be possible this time because of production schedules, but she will talk with her casting service about it. She says the hands are the part of her dolls that throw the most defects, so they are difficult to cast. As you know, her hands have very slender fingers. She will let me know after this order if we can sell optional hands to people who have her Limhwa 57 girls.

      At this time also, she is sending 50% new hands and 50% of the original hands. We cannot choose what hand will come with your shipment.

      Thanks! Over and out.
    2. Thanks so much for checking on this, Catrina!

      That is certainly understandable, with all the orders that went in. At least there is still a chance for extra hands! :D They are so beautifully sculpted .. it's worth the wait, if so!

      Thanks for the news and .. such wonderful Limhwas!
    3. Oh I would love if she would sculp new hands! I know it is so much work,but I really would have a pair because I'm so afraid the fingers of mine would be broken..They look so fragile!
    4. Oh, good news! I would love an extra pair 'just in case.' They are so slender and fine that I get anxious every time I handle her. :sweat
    5. Thanks Catrina for asking!!! I will keep hoping that she does do some
      extra casting in the future!!! I sure love the look of the newer sculpt!
      Thanks Catrina!
      Robyn :)
    6. Hello everyone,
      Please let me know how many of you are interested in purchasing an extra hand from Limhwa. I have told her that there are many people who'd like to purchase an extra hand for posing purposes. Please let me know if you are, and I will give her the numbers so she can check with her casting service. Please note that Limhwa 57 are shipping now still with both the original style and new hands.. I have no control over which one your doll arrives with. We will be discussing the next order soon and I'd like to give her some feedback.

      Best wishes
    7. I'm interested in obtaining a spare set of hands!
    8. I'm interested too, to get the extra left hand ^^
    9. Would these hands be available to purchase seperately n_n ?
    10. I'd be interested, but could somebody point me to a photo of these new hands or hand? I've tried to find more info on DoA, but the search brought no results. (Sorry if I am stupid!) I found no info on magical doll forums either. :?
    11. I'm very interested in some pictures also :) !