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Limhwa 57cm doll - high heeled feet?

Apr 27, 2007

    1. Greetings,

      I've just ordered a Limhwa half-elf and am on the quest for shoes for her (among other things of course) so she won't be naked when she arrives. ;) Anyway, this made me wonder... has anyone had any luck switching feet, to a high-heeled pair from another company? If so, which company's works? On another tangent is Limhwa ever likely to make high-heeled feet for their own dolls? Enquiring minds want to know...

    2. I'm actually in the process of sorting this one out myself--I ordered the perfect pair of boots, but they don't fit. (This is the second pari of shoes I got her that don't fit--she has wide feet and long toenails *lol*) Rather than sell the hard-get-shoes I want to get her new feet. I believe someone (Fitz I think) is ordering Dream of Doll high heeled feet--and that was going to be my plan of action as well--but I haven't gotten the funds together yet. Obviously the normal resin is not going to match the french resin--but for me the feet are going to be inside boots, so I don't really care about that.
    3. I think Twigling had some info on this *hmmmm* I seem to remember her swapping some other feet on hers.

      I'm not sure if Limhwa would make her own high heeled feet, but I will ask her about it. She really loves that very glamorous look... so a good suggestion I think!

    4. Wow, I'd love to have Limhwa high heel feet *-* that'd be great!
      I was planning on buying a DoD high heel feet, because I'm just in love with those boots they seel in DOD and a pair of Luts shoes... I love high heels *-*
    5. I am using DOT highheel feet with my Supia, they are a bit more dainty than her defaults, and personally I feel that Limhwa's feet were already a bit on the small side, so I am modding some Model feet for her. I could probably test it out and take some pictures though.
    6. Please do! That would be great news if she would. Now all we need to do is find someone who will make a line of shoes specifically for our girls. Anyone know what is involved? I still have yet to figure out what will fit and what won't and I'm kind of reluctant to spend, what is to me, a lot of money on something that may or may not fit... It makes me want to try my hand to hand at cordwaining. :lol: Like I need another hobby...
    7. Oh yes, if you do, please let us know how this works out. Those were exactly the feet I was considering but I was wondering if the joints were compatible. There are some heels I have been seriously lusting after myself... ;)
    8. Yeah, I am participating in a DOD order that is haing trouble getting off the ground to get some high heeled DOT feet, but Twigling,are the feet to small for the joint? I only want the for boot wear, so I am not to concerned about resiin not matching or being to small, but Iwould like her to beable to stand.
      Any info would be much appreciated.
    9. My girl is wearing some of the Luts open front lace up boots. They fit her foot, but her ankles are a bit thick. I don't think changing her feet will solve that issue.

    10. Nice pictures!! Thank you Julia for this info... I'd like too much to buy a pair of Luts shoes... *-* they are so beautiful...
    11. My Limhwa has the same pair of boots in black- I do like them. I just really like some of the DOT high heeled boot,so I wanted to try other feet. I am one of those people who love options. I like different hans, faceplates etc. SO why not try some DOT feet?
    12. I've actually had good luck with a pair of Volks SD boots fitting my Limhwa. Has anyone tried Olivia's shoes on her?
    13. Oh YAY exactly what i was hoping to hear! Those were the boots I got ^_^
      Now to get the feet! XD
    14. Scissorhand, Olivia boots are huge compared to Limhwa's feet, but her foot arch would not be large enough to get into the shoe properly.
    15. Thank you Twigling. That's very good to know.
    16. thanks twilgling- those are such cute feet, but they do look better on the Roda. I am getting them though. Great photos, thanks for taking them,
    17. Uhmm, thank you very much, Twigling!! I will get these feet too =3
    18. If Limhwa made highheel feet I definitely would buy a pair for my girl. She is tired of being barefoot but can't find shoes to her likeing!
    19. She can wear Leeke high heels and luts also!