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Limhwa 60cm Girl & Heartbreak Boy Discussion

Apr 26, 2006

    1. Hello,
      Due to rules about discussion in News threads, we have started this thread to hold any comments or discussion about the upcoming Limhwa girl and Heartbreak boy.

      To see the original post, please go to http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61065


      More photos in the NEW section. Yummy!

      Limhwa's Assistant
    2. Ahh! I must email you later about the "Heartbreak Boy". It's wonderful to see new work from her, and that she is open to hearing how much we love that boy. :aheartbea
    3. Yes! It's difficult, because of course she must make things that she feels she wants to as an artist. However, we have gently told her how famous Heartbreak Boy is and how many are dreaming of owning him. I think she gets a kick out of hearing what people say about her dolls, and especially him! I think he is very special to her.

      He sure is gorgeous. And so is she! They are the BJD dream couple.
    4. Ack! Forgot the rules. As I was saying, really looking forward to 60 cm girl being released. ^^
    5. Heartbreak Boy is such a hottie!!! It's still 'scary' how much he looks like Jet Li in my opinion. But that body... *swoons*

      I love that 60 cm girl. Her face is so pretty. So innocent and pure. It's that faceup that really sells her.
    6. 60 cm girl is georgeous~~ she's everything I dream about, honestly. such realistic features, she's so beautiful. I'm loving her lovely big eyes and full lips <3
      As for the boy, yes, he is amazing. Limhwa is talented beyond words :D
    7. The new 60cm girl is so beautiful! And OMG heartbreak boy!!!! This can't be good for my wallet! >_<
    8. They are both fabulous. Really beautiful. ~~Lin
    9. Incredible beauty! Both people - they look too real to call them dolls! What a talent this artist has! Any idea of timeline and price for this new 60 size girl? I bet there will be an incredible rush and clamor for this beauty.
    10. :) Okay I would love to see both of these dolls come out, especially the Heartbreak Boy.......goodness he reminds me of my co-worker I work with, I can tell him there is a doll that could be his twin!
    11. Oh I am sooooo gonna be watching this developement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
    12. Heartbreak Boy certainly is well named. I think it broke alot of hearts when we found out he wasn't available. If she ever decided to release him, it certainly would make me happy!
    13. Heartbreak. . .Heartbreak. . .Heartbreak. . . :-)

      And I can hardly wait for the 60cm girl. What a couple they will make!
    14. My goodness! I'm in love with these 2! they are absolutely beautiful together, *prays* that she will release them!
    15. These are currently my two most desired dolls - and considering the bumper crop of fabulous dolls this year, that's saying a lot! (Saving my pennies for the 60cm girl...)
    16. The boy looks like an asian heartthrob, and the girl is just plain beautiful!!! :D :D :D :D :D
    17. *ZOMG!!!!!*

      Hehe, I just had to say it ^-^

      I've been very excitedly looking forward to this girl coming out . . . I'll be putting money aside for her!! Are you taking a waiting list at all for orders?

      Thanks so much!! Please pass on to Jung Ji Yung how happy and excited we are that she's decided to produce a beautiful 60cm girl for us!!

      -- Andi :D
    18. Heartbreak Boy is the most realistic facial sculpt that I have ever seen. It would be an honor to own one. The facial features are sculpted so that they really make him look like a three dimensional picture of a person. Wonderful work.

      Pam A
    19. EEEEK he looks just li ke my best freind from high school. And were still freinds. The girl is unreal. I like her better than Foryou although I still want Toyou.
    20. "Heartbreak Boy" has been my absolute dream doll since I first saw him; he's utterly beautiful. Even if she doesn't produce a doll just like him to sell, he's a masterpiece and she should be incredibly proud of him.

      The new girl is really exciting - I love, love, love her face and the body looks like it will be spectacular. I can't wait to see the final version. Just, wow.