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Limhwa Aria Series - 26cm Tinies

Nov 6, 2009

    1. I should have never looked! I love Dodo!
    2. To me it seems like she has something off in the neck and maybe a constant sway back? her head looks awkward on the neck in the body pics. ?? Yeh Dodo has a very pretty face I think even smaller eyes would have been nice. They all look So similar little difference, I think she has the smallest eyes of the three though.
    3. I've been waiting so long for a Limhwa tiny! I love Dodo the best, also though they all do look quite similar. I hadn't noticed the neck issue, I'll have to take another look. I'm thinking they'll end looking a bit different once they are released; they'll probably tweak them a bit and polish them up so any strange defects are removed.
    4. I have had Limhwa dolls before and they always seem to have sway backs which make the doll awkward to me... like they want to push out the chest and flip backward.
    5. I agree with the arched backs thing. Owning only a Mano and him being
      a three part torso, it is not as obvious, or at least not permanent. The girls
      though, and Mono do seem like their backs like to sway a bit backwards,
      but that is something that I actually find appealing in a doll (love my DD for it!). ^ ^;;;
      I don’t see anything wrong with the neck though.

      I’m hoping Limwha will make a tiny boy as well, I would love that chubby body coupled
      with Limwha “typical” facial-features, but only if it’s a boy!

      - Enzyme ^.^
    6. I have never had the pleasure of welcoming a Limhwa into my doll family so I didn't realize this was a reoccurring thing with these dolls. I'm sorry to hear it, especially if it bothers anyone.

      I'm also hoping they will make a tiny boy! I agree whole-heartedly with you, Enzyme:D I'd love to see a chubby body with that typical Limhwa face, too:XD:
    7. Mitya I guess its a personal preference, some might like that curved back as it shows more emotion or something... maybe its just the pictures too....I guess we will have to wait and see. But she looks beautifully done.
    8. I would love a chubby little boy too - I think the boys are so cute! :)
    9. The new ordering period is up, but I don't see an option at the limwha.com website where you can order one of these. I'd love to see some clearer pictures of the body. It is double jointed, right?
    10. Oh noooooooo! I'm doomed. I would like to know how much they are. I love Limhwa! I had a half-elf in the past but she was too big for my taste. This size is perfect!
    11. Well, I took a chance on the body, but DoDo's face was too beautiful to pass up. They are so different than most of the tinies out there. I've always loved the Limhwa dolls, but didn't want a bigger doll. So these are perfect! I'm very excited. :)
    12. I love Limwhas and I like the bodies on these little girls-very graceful. But there's something about the heads that bothers me. I can't put my finger on it, but something is off proportionally or something.
    13. I compared the measurements of the Arias to Littlefee and they are just about the same. Except the Arias have a slightly smaller head and shoulders.
    14. Mitya & Monsoon, I hope Limhwa will make litle boys in the future!
      I'm hoping the boys will have smaller eyes but keep the same lucious lips (just
      like Mano - darn it I'm so biased)! ^ ^;;

      Has anyone order one of these beauties yet? I want to wait a bit and see
      if the artist does decide to make a boy body, otherwise I'll just get one of the
      girls and mod the body to a boy. XD

      - Enzyme ^ ^
    15. ehm is here someone who bought one? I want to see them in 'real'
    16. I bought one, but she's not here yet and I don't have any idea when she will be here. I will be sure to post pictures when she comes though. :)
    17. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing her, DancingBee:D Which did you get?
    18. I ordered a white skin Dodo. I'm anxious to see her. I'm hoping I like her face up....I don't want it to be too orange-y or sparkly. I asked for the Lele face up, but I guess they don't allow you to make any requests.
    19. DancingBee: Hope your dodo will arrive soon. I'm anxious to see these tinies in owner's hands, too. :)