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Limhwa Doll 'For You' and 'To You'

Jan 26, 2006

    1. I was browsing through Narin&Narae site when I found a person with a For You... So I went to check them out at Limhwa doll site ><
      I don't know when they came out, but they're gorgeous! To You is 27 cm, while For You is 43 cm. I hear she's same size as Narae, too!
      To You:
      For You:
      She has teeth AND TONGUES! o_O
      More pictures at http://www.limhwa-1004.com/
      Body pictures can be seen at her cyworld mini hompy, which is cyworld.com/malomalo
      (ahh um, I know I had cyworld address somewhere but can't seem to find it ><)

      To You is around $243.00 with wig and eyes, and $218.00 w/o those.
      For You is around $395.00 with wig and eyes, and $353.00 w/o those.
      For you even has big milk part included! o_O

      I was thinking about getting Narae but now I have For You to consider! AHH >_<;;
      I know she doesn't sell her dolls internationally yet, but she said before that the only thing blocking her from doing so is the language barrier... So I might be able to get it! (I hope ;;; )
    2. Look at those gorgeous hands!!

      I'm still waiting for this girl (I believe she's "Limhwa") . . . she's 57cm, if I recall correctly. The body sculpt on the 43cm girl is *gorgeous*, I'm a big fan . . . I prefer the closed-mouth sculpt of Limhwa (which is funny, since I like the open-mouthed 43cm Narin and Narae better -- it's just the differences between sculpts, very subtle things decide whether or not they're right for you!)

      I hope that the sculptor starts selling internationally soon, too!! Didn't Dollyholic say that she might be able to work with Limhwa Doll?

      -- A <3
    3. Cyworld is, unfortunately, members-only, and you have to live in Korea or speak Korean to be on the boards. Too bad, because they have all kinds of owner-pics of dolls that aren't common over here!!

      Maybe the sculptor would be willing to share some body photos with us here?

      -- Andi <3
    4. Ashbet: On her page she says she won't accept orders for big Limhwa afor a while :/

      I wish I could post the body pictures but I can't without permission >_< but trust me when I say this: it's gorgeous :D
    5. you should contact Sienna she can buy them. :)

      She just replies to my message on her board. http://visavis.us/
    6. Found this on her Q&A, thought I'd post it here:

      27cm doll name=Toyou
      $ 243.00
      43cm doll name=Foryou
      $ 395.00
      57cm doll name=limhwa
      $ 628.00
    7. Unpainted, she also comes with a larger boob (about a small C cup) and a small cup boob about an large A cup LOL.
    8. I really like For You...except for her open mouth. :/

      Edit: I was able to access the photos on Cyworld. It's in a pop-up so you have to make sure that you don't have a pop-up blocker blocking it. Then click on the fourth tab on the side and that takes you to the gallery. The first gallery that should come up is For You's but if not click on the 43cm link on the left side. Then scroll and at the bottom there's page numbers to click on. Body pictures are on page four and I think feet and hands on page 3.
    9. waaaaa I am totally in love with Foryou, she is so beautiful, I was thinking of buying a mini fee soo but this girl make me doubt. I have some question if somebody could help me, is this girl is a limited edition doll? Did you find some picture of her body standing up? Because I would like to see her body before taking a decision. Thank you. I am sorry for my poor english :s
    10. I'd just found her body pics on ciworld. And she is definitly such a gorgeous girl :)
      Does somebody know if visàvis ships dolls in France ?
    11. thanks you ^^
      so Foryou isn't a limited edition? you have the large bust with her or not?
    12. For you comes with the large bust for free with her and the default smaller.

      the To you smaller doll just comes with a mid sized bust (nice one)

      I asked for her to be strung with the large bust. I didn't hear she was limited so I doubt she is.
    13. Update-- still haven't heard back. A lot of companies in Korea and such take up to a week or two off around the New Year. I'm also making arrangements to have my translator call her directly. I'll find out something in the next week or two!
    14. Here is a little update for you guys who are interested in Limhwa dolls:

      You might not know this, but I employ a Korean translator to help me with my communication when I write to Korea. I had him write the Limhwa artist a letter a couple weeks ago, but never got a response. So, I noticed she has two phone numbers on her web site. I wrote up material for my translator, and had him call these numbers. Both are disconnected. I would urge everyone to proceed cautiously until more info can be had-- dolls are expensive and you have to be pretty careful.

      I've now asked for more help from Narin's staff. If they are quiet, or don't give me any phone number or contact, it could mean that they aren't comfortable having me contact her for whatever reason. I'm going to respect that because they know what's going on there. If they do provide contact info, I will of course assist anyone if I can get her agreement.

      I did get some exciting news though for you if you are interested in new artists: Gallery Narin in Korea will be soon selling dolls from a variety of artists. i would imagine most of these will be from the Korean Ball Jointed Doll Assn., which are high quality dolls and have passed muster with the association. I have asked them if Limhwa will be featured in the Gallery-- and that sure would make things a lot easier, being able to just get her artwork straight from my supplier there.

      *update over and out!*
    15. Well lets hope she just wants privacy! She has been around for a long time. I ordered one though vis&#224;vis.

      Did you try leaving a message on the board there I noticed many artist will only respond to message left on their boards.
    16. Maybe you should try contacting her on her board like TreeLore said, or on cyworld if you can... She replies really fast on cyworld.
      @Lillycat: No, I ordered from her directly, by messaging on Cyworld. She's really nice and answers my questions within a day. Hopefully she gets here by tomorrow though T^T

      EDIT: To Catrina: (Ahh I just read your message) If you can get your translator to post on LimhwaDoll cyworld club or just message her there, I'm sure she'll get back to you real fast. Or manybe she was busy with freemarket that was in Korea last week sometime :X
    17. My For You just arrived with Sienna (vis&#224;vis.)

      :) She tells me she's very white sounds like fun!
    18. 3-4 weeks was the quote. Sienna said it was fast :)

      I am looking forward to checking out her feet LOL. They looks so flat and wide I want to know what shoes she will fit! Lets hope she fits shoes fine.
    19. Great idea everyone! My translator has a Cyworld account.

      *smack* why didn't I think of that?!?!? (uh, cause I can't get on myself??)

      OK, give me a couple days to see what happens.
    20. Here she is!
      Click the pretty box! :]

      TreeLore: You were very, very right. Her feet is flat, but somewhat detailed.
      Her general conditions are somewhat smooth, but not sanded. I'll have to do that later, along with her make-up and clothes. I'm going to give it a try at her face-up, but if I fail I guess I'll send her to someone :]
      This is kind of random but ForYou can wear Unoa faceplates o_O;; I haven't done this myself but I saw pictures on a club.

      I'll add some more pictures later! Bye for now <3