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Limhwa Doll of Korea and Dollyholic Announce Partnership

Mar 6, 2006

    1. Hello everyone,
      I am pleased to share the news with you that Jung Ji Yung of Limhwa Doll in Korea has agreed to partner with me to bring her dolls to international doll lovers. We will be her only sales representative outside of Korea.
      We will be opening up an ordering period in the next few days. A fixed small quantity of her 27 and 43 cm dolls will be offered in this second ordering period for Limhwa Dolls. We are working out some final details which will be shared with you soon. 57 cm dolls will not be a part of this second Limhwa ordering period.

      I want to discuss one thing with you. Jung Ji Yung was a student of Bimong (who is the artist behind Narin Dolls, which you know I represent). She is an adult artist, and it is her wish to get out of his shadow and not have her work next to his, or be compared to him. I'm sure there are many artists on this board who can relate! So to respect her wishes, we will be creating a web site just for Limhwa. And since my user ID on DOA is also too connected to Narin dolls, I have asked my daughters to join DOA and help answer questions about Limhwa Dolls. They are very excited. We have already run this scenario by the mods here, and they understand we needed to do this to respect this artist's wishes under the unique circumstances.

      I have emails from everyone who contacted me before about Limhwa dolls.
      If you wish to get more info, please email: orders@limhwa.com
      I know the name is tricky -- L I M H W A
      The web site will be hooked up when Jung Ji Yung wants to start her second ordering period, which will be sometime at or before March 15. Another announcement will be placed then with details. The amount of dolls to be offered and the timing is entirely up to the artist, who has her own studio.

      Jung Ji Yung is an incredibly talented artist, and we are just thrilled to be able to work with her. We know many of you have eyes set on some of her dolls which are not currently in production. We hope to give her that feedback when the time is right. (not yet!)
      Thanks everyone!
    2. Oh this is the greatest news ever!!! I've been looking at these dolls for a while now and it coming true. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...heheeee...this is so great that you are doing this Catrina..Thank you so much Big Hugs to you....
    3. Very nice! Can you tell us about skintones, and will there be extra hands for sale? Also, could they share some closeups for us? And prices? Thank, you, Catrina! :>)
    4. Here is an update on
      :aheartbea Limhwa Doll's first international ordering period.

      It will begin in the next 24 hours.

      There will be 10 "ForYou" 43 centimeter dolls available.

      There will be 10 "ToYou" 27 centimeter dolls available.

      We will not be able to offer any more ordering until April.

      The artist is holding off on her usual ordering period to let all of you have these. She is very nice.:aheartbea After our order, she will do her own domestic order.. then it will be April already!

      A variety of different choices will be offered for the "For You" dolls:
      1. Choose a doll with wig, eyes, and both large and small breast parts.
      2. Choose a doll wtih wig, eyes, and the breast part of your choice.
      3. Choose a doll with no wig or eyes, and both breast parts.
      4. Choose a doll with no wig or eyes, and only one breast part.

      ToYou (27 centimeters) will be offered with only one breast part choice.
      You can still choose the wig eyes/ no wig eyes options for ToYou.

      All dolls are sent with no facepaint. Seams are not sanded. They are made of urethane, and are a "beauty white" type color.

      We will be paying the artist in Korean won. That means every month the price could be slightly different. There were a few more questions left, so we should have final prices for everything tomorrow. As usual, you will only pay for shipping from USA! If you are in an Asian country, we may be able to ask the artist to ship to you direct.:)

      In the future, we hope to offer the 57 centimeter dolls. There are also some other dolls the artist has which we hope to encourage her to produce (such as the really handsome guy :wiggle everyone knows about).

      When the ordering starts, we will make a message here. The web site will be down until it starts. You can ask questions here if you have any...

      :hamster: Hillary and Hayleigh
      Limhwa assistants
    5. wow thank you for the update limhwa! =)

      i noticed this
      "All dolls are sent with no facepaint. Seams are not sanded. They are made of urethane, and are a "beauty white" type color."

      So there will be no option to have limhwa do make up as well?

      As I am not very good at doing faceups atm =(
    6. Do you happen to know when the next ordering period after april will be or have you not gotten that far (perfectly understandable)?
    7. Ordering will start tomorrow at www.limhwa.com

      The web site is almost finished for ordering. It will be March 10-17
      There will be a small amount of ForYou 43cm and ToYou 27 for sale.

      We're sorry about the delay, but the artist got so excited about future plans she forgot to confirm prices and options for this month's order.

      Prices will vary monthly due to the dollar-won exchange rate and price of wiring won to Korea.

      Here are the current prices- all shipping cost is from USA

      ForYou Plus (includes wig and eyes + both big and small breast parts
      ForYou Plus (wig and eyes) + one torso - choice of large or small

      ForYou Minus (no wig or eyes) + both big and small breast parts

      ForYou MInus- with your choice of one torso
      Pictures of ForYou (43cm)
      Pictures of ToYou
      ToYou Plus (wig and eyes)

      ToYou Minus (no wig or eyes)

      We will place a notice tomorrow when the web site is open.

      Hillary and Hayleigh
      :hamster: Limhwa Assistants