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Update Limhwa dolls are online | Triskel Fantasy Shop (European dealer)

Jun 22, 2011

    1. We have put the Limhwa dolls online!

      The dolls you will find in our shop are currently all the dolls that Limhwa has made available for purchase.
      All dolls are available in white skintone, normal beige skintone and tan skintone, with exception of the EOS girls who are only available in white skintone and normal beige skintone.

      Some of the dolls Limhwa produced in the past (for example the 57cm Eva and Human, the Limho Mano etc ) won’t be available unless the artist announces differently.
      If such is the case we will let you know about it.
      Limhwa 57cm Dreaming Half Elf might be available again if there is enough request for her. (If you are interested in purchasing her, please let us know and we will inform Limhwa about it and see what we can do).

      Due to request we have changed this month’s order period.
      Normally we have an order period from the 1st to the 24th of the month. Normally, if payment has been received in time, we will then place an order on the 25th with the doll company.
      As en exception we have changed the ordering period for this month because we only just now put these dolls online :)
      You can order until the 30th of this month (June 2011) and if payment has been received, we will place the order on the 1st of July.
      Then the next order period will be from 1st of July until the 24th of July like it normally does.
      Processing of the doll will take 30 to 40 days before it will be shipped.
      More ordering information can be found in the actual doll products of our site.

      More ordering info can be read in our blog.
      Or simply visit our website :)

      Kind Regards,
      Team Triskel Fantasy
    2. When will the English language version be up?
    3. There is a box on the top left that changes it from Dutch to English, I was looking at it about an hour ago.
    4. Yesterday the language didn't change, but it does today!
    5. Yes, JunkySpot is the official dealer for Limhwa and the first preorder period just ended not too long ago. So those in the US may have to wait for the next order : >. It's good to hear there is a dealer in EU now ^^!
    6. Yes there are two dealers at the moment.
      A dealer for Europe and a dealer for the USA.
      They told us they wanted us to be the European dealer when we were negotiating about a possible dealership.
      So I think that they will keep it at two dealers for now :)
    7. Triskel, will you be putting up a resin comparison? To help choosing what resin you want?
    8. I have just send them an email asking if they can send us one :)
      If we get one I will notify about it.