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Limhwa Half Elf and Human - Clothing?

Dec 13, 2006

    1. Okay, I didn't see a similar thread so I'll start this one. If the mods find this unnecessary, please feel free to edit/delete this. :sweat


      Since the larger Limhwa girls are such a small minority in the doll community, I think we should list in one place where owners can find clothes, wigs, and shoes. Mentioning specific sites will be especially helpful!

      I myself have no clue what type of clothes will fit her and it'd be nice to see what people have to share in the experiences.

      Comments and other blurbs about these dolls are welcome. :)

    2. i second this. she's going to be my first girl and i seriously have no idea how to dress her.
    3. Dechanique is having trouble posting, but I'm forwarding this bit of info on to you all : D

      Musedoll clothes DO NOT FIT. There are WAAAY to small in the waist and bust, and slightly too small in the hips.

      Mio clothes: Pants and Capris are too small SD13 size. The half-elf thighs are very large, and the pants won't pull up if they are the tight kind. I don't know about the baggy ones. SKIRTS however, do fit.

      She fits into SD10 and SD13 tops.

      She also fits into Dollheart SD13 shoes, but they are a little tight.

      Also, she won't fit in Iplehouse pants as she is much bigger than Cocori in the thighs/butt.
    4. Tops and dresses that fit the large bust Rainy girls have worked for my half elf. I haven't tried any pants on yet. I am out of town right now but will check it out this weekend when I am home.
    5. Anyone know if SD16 girl clothes fit?
    6. Oh yeah! :cheer I was just trying to find out if there was any information from others who have the Limhwa elf/human... my girl (Aria) won't be home for awhile, but I'd like to have something for her to wear when she arrives! Will keep my eye on this thread! :)
    7. Fitted tops I have made for my CP mature do not fit, her boobs are to low. My dollmore boots fit.
    8. Bumping this up because I want to know too. ^^
    9. SD10 outfits do not fit her :( I purchased a set- the measurements of the dolls are very similar, except the bust is 1 cm larger and the waist is much smaller.

      The dress fit alright, but the panties would not pull up on her giant ghetto booty AT ALL. The dress top buttoned, but it was like girls who wear their buttons ups one size too small and it starts to open in the center between the buttons :(

      I'm finding it VERY hard to get outfits for this girl. I might just have to break down and make my own.
    10. Yes, these girls are very curvy and realistic (which I love), but they definitely take a little more work to outfit, but hey, the hunt is half the fun! :)

      At any rate, I have found that antique and/or vintage doll clothing works well ~ especially if designed for a long, narrow doll (but not so narrow as to not fit our curvy girls). Gives a very unique and realistic look to outfits, as the fabrics, prints, and workmanship on antique / vintage clothing is usually fabulous.

      Also, many of the talented folks who make doll clothing and sell here, and on ebay, offer great outfits that will fit Limhwa girls ~ Will post more on this later.

      Best wishes, :kitty2
    11. OMG!! that teaser pic of your avatar is georgeous!! i can't wait to see pics of her!!!!
    12. Mio girl Sd13/SD10 cargos fit. These are pretty baggy though.
    13. Hi again ~

      I've gotten items from several talented folks, who make clothing that nicely fits our curvy Limhwa girls.

      Here's an example by one artist ~ Outfit by Staci (Dollwear by Staci):


      Note: Necklace by orangebabydolly.

      Best wishes, :)
    14. Here's a pic of Samhain, this time in a Volks SD size kimono and obi, which fit fine.


      I have found that most SD size kimono and/or robe-like clothing fits her shapely Limhwa form well. :)

      The SD size wings are by Violet Fern, and as you can see, are also a purr-fect fit.

      Best wishes, :kitty2
    15. Anyone have any boys pants to try on her, since that works with unoss?
    16. she might fit unoss items. its just a guess. but unoss is bigger than sd13 girls in the hips i believe.
    17. I have found that several talented folks make cool things (tops, skirts, jeans, sweaters, etc.) that fit our curvy Limhwa girls! These include: Staci Carpenter, PamSD, grey roses (sweaters) and the Wee Wardrobe, among others. So definitely check out their items for sale (but, since they all make clothing to fit various size BJD's, it is best to first inquire if the item in question will work for your Limhwa).

      Also, as noted in one of my previous posts, orangebabydolly jewelry works great for Limhwa's. (Samhain certainly loves hers!). :lol:

      Best wishes, :kitty2
    18. She fits into Dollheart SD13 girl pants. I suspect also that Volks 13 girl pants will fit her, but I don't have any to try. SD13 boy V-Jeans fit, but aren't terribly flattering ^^; (Probably also just the style I have.) She also fits into LeeKe and Happydoll shoes just fine.
    19. I got girl jeans from Soom that fit her, though they are a little tight around the waist. But she can sit with them. She also looks lovely in a Soah-sized dress and corset from Moggie on Ebay.

      :aheartbea Ophi
    20. So can these girls wear Soah/Sooah sized clothes and dresses?