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Limhwa Half-Elf poseability and yellowing?

Jun 6, 2008

    1. Hey all~!

      Hopefully this is the right place to put these questions instead of general discussion since I'm specifically interested in the Limhwa half elf.

      I'm pretty much sold on buying her (aka REALLY REALLY want to) but have a couple of concerns. The first is that I've seen multiple posts about how fast the french resin used to yellow, and while the doll is so gorgeous I'd probably love it anyway it's no fun to have a piebald doll that you paid so much for. Does urethane resin yellow in the same way, and will it even be a concern for tanned resin? Worse comes to worst I'd just put her in the sun to yellow evenly, but I was curious.

      My other issue is that I found a thread saying that the limhwas pose badly. One of the reasons I want to get this doll is besides being beautiful, she's highly detailed and realistic and I want to use her as a reference for some of my character design work. What have your experiences been? Does your limhwa have a wide variety of sitting/standing poses, or do you mainly keep her for display/standing poses? One of the main things I'd heard was that her legs tend to pop out...if this is the case, I know I'm better off with a more poseable doll or two that would cost less and biding my time till I have more money for a doll that I love but isn't as versatile. Do Supias have the same issues? I love their Rosy sculpt as well...

      Thank you in advance to anyone who has any knowledge of these two topics! Cheers!
    2. It's the joint under my Limhwa's breast that always pops out. She insists on posingwith this crazy side sway so balancing can be a real problem. That being said she is a beautiful doll. My Limhwa was from the first group and I coated her immediately with MSC UV and am careful to limit her sunlight exposure and her color is still good.

      She is a lovely sculpt and probably has the most beautiful body out there.
    3. If you're worried about french resin, DO NOT buy it. Just get the half elf in urethane resin then xD

      Also my human's posability was fine, she sometimes popped backwards a little~ and those ' butt scoops' aren't that great for sitting either xD But she can be posed with a bit of patience.
    4. I recently received my half elf, and I don't have much trouble posing her, I love how you can "lock"her knees in the 90 degree angle. If you sit her down, she'll hold that pose pretty good because of the thick stringing elastic that will slip into those slots in her upperleg joints. (because of friction) and ofcourse the "butscoops" XD
      but... she is a little top heavy when you sit her down so she probably needs support from her hands or something..
      I was a little bothered by her torso, it loves to pop into a curved angle, and she stands up a bit like a chicken XD but I love that about her, and it suits the curveyness of her body!

      but with a little patience (and maybe whiring) she'll pose nicely.
      I do have a little problem with her hands.. I can't twist them around like I can with my other dolls, I think the hook is a little to wide (I hear a nasty scratching sound when I try to twist it) and so they pop back into their positions constantly. I'll try to fix it when I restring her in a while.

      I have a half elf in urethane and a narae43 in french resin. the french resin has yellowed very much! (she's a year old and I've always kept her in a box when I didn't play with her.)
      the half elf's resin is very beautifull! but it just doesn't have the magic glow and silky touch the french resin has..
      you have to decide for yourself if it's worth the risk or not.
      for me it wasn't, I know how carefull I am with my doll, and still she yellowed, I didn't want that for my elf.
      (it's a doll to play with, not to keep in a box and be to afraigd to play with it)
      I don't know yet how badly the yellowing will be with the urethane.

      I hope that's usefull to you ^^
    5. My Supia Roda is French Resin Pinky White and she has yellowed, which I knew that was going to happen, but I love her no matter what. As for my Limwha Eva I have her in Normal Beige Urethane and so far she has no color change. I will get urethane instead since it does lack the smooth feeling of french resin, but will not change too quickly to yellow.
    6. Thank you all for the help! <3 So Urethane resin yellows at a much slower rate I take it. Is yellowing a problem of white/light skin colors, or will tanned urethane also turn yellow and get paler?

      AnnekeKarel: Wow, just a year? ;_; I agree, I would definitely pick the urethane even if it doesn't have the same glow. It sounds like the glow time is really limited! And thank you for all the detailed info on her posing problems - I don't know how to restring yet, but if I get her and find I have the same problems I'll give restringing a go (aka look at tons of tutorials and keep my fingers crossed) and let you know how it turns out!
    7. On the posing i just hot glued my limwha and she can now hold any pose i want no popping of torso or anything. I highly highly recommend hot glueing
    8. Heat and indoor light from regular house light bulbs can turn French Resin as well, it's best to keep that in mind too. Tan French Resin gets somewhat darker over time, but with a magic block you can scrub it clean and see the so called yellow on the block afterwards. I have a 43cm Tan Narae that has the old tan color which is light and her color has stayed, the newer Tan is darker and so far I have seen no color change. The posing with my Limwha Eva is not hard and at least mine is super tight so her joint does not pop out on me when I pose her, nor does she do the lean to the side pose unless I pose her that way.
    9. Thanks for the advice Kyliebee! That's reassuring~!

      derilan85, did you mean Tan Urethane resin gets darker over time? I think the tan is only being done in urethane right now..thanks for letting me know the color keeps better in the tan, and that you don't have posing problems! I really appreciate all the help ^^
    10. My French Resin Tan Narae and Narin have no color change over time, I don't have a Tan Urethane, but I don't think the Urethane will yellow at all since it is dark all the way thru.
    11. I glue sueded a couple of the Limhwa girl bodies. The body sculpt is absolutely beautiful, but it drove me nuts how her knees turned inward!! I didn't like the hand sculpts either, but that is just a personal thing.

      Glue sueding does improve the posing problems quite a bit.

      Linda S.
    12. i love my girl to death . . . that being said . . .
      as far as yellowing goes she has yellowed -- quite a bit. however, the yellow color isn't so bad, it's actually a more natural skin tone, in my opinion.^.^ but if yellowing is in any way going to be a problem i'd go with the urethane.

      as far as posing goes, you have to be very paitient with her . she can be a bit of a challenge to stand at times -- her bust seems to pop out. but a little bit of sueding helped with that. also like galatia9 mentioned her knees do tend to turn inward and that can be a bit annoying (it's actually my biggest beef with her as far as posing goes:sweat).

      but posing problems and yellowing aside these limhwas are amazing girls and even though the french resin does yellow quickly it gives them such life.:aheartbea and i don't think i'd trade my roslyn for urethane resin any day, but maybe that's just me.^.^
    13. Thanks for all of the advice guys! I decided to go ahead and get her in the Tan Urethane (French wasn't available) and I couldn't be more excited!
    14. Well, I don't know if I can add anything to this topic, and also I have a question to make..

      About the yellowing in French Resin, my first doll was a half elf in this resin, and I kept her for 1 year... Well, I started noticing that after 3 months she already lost some of the pinky color in the resin, and it started to be a little grey... it wasn't dirt, since I was pretty careful about my doll and was afraid of the yellowing and stuff... well, after 6 months she already started to show some yellowing and with 1 year she was really stained. It was like... yellow freckles... and it was very noticeable. So I changed her for an urethane girl, and I couldn't be more happy with my choice! The color is very similar to the french resin, thought it doesn't have that ethereal glow... but I have this girl for 2 years now and she didn't yellow at all. I changed her foot this week for the flat ones, which I kept in a box since she arrived and I got surprised that there's no difference at all.

      About the texture of the resin, I just had to sand her to fix some problems, and mod her body to fit better what I need, and I sanded her entirely with a 1200 sandpaper, which is amost like a rubber.. so thin XD and her texture is reaaaaally soft now... I love it...

      About the posing, I don't know if it is because she was my first doll, but I love this girl posing... she has a very voluptuous body and I find it's sexy in many many poses I put her. I moded her hip joints, since there's a piece of resin there that limits a lot her legs poseability, and I found it's pretty useless, so I sanded it off and now she can spread her legs better, and I just hot glued her, and she hold almost every pose I want her to do. She even sits with her back straight ^^ Her hands don't pop out of pose anymore, too... Now I'm gonna mod her ankles, so she can move her high heel feet... I think it's a little poorly projected, since she can just stand in one pose and some higher heels make her fall while trying to stand. So after I hot glued and tested showing more of the ball joint that's on her foot, I realised I can mod her ankles safely to make her be able to use a lot more of high heel shoes *addicted to shoes*

      But there's something I just can't do with my girl even after three years having her. She doesn't kneel. The knee joint locks in 90 degrees and never goes further than that, and as this girl has her balance a bit to the front, she falls in this direction when kneeling with locked joint. If I try to go any further, the joint will pop out of place and I have balance issues, since she's balancing only on the ellastic >:

      So I would like to ask you if anyone here can kneel the limhwa girls properly, and what's the trick... I've seen her posing pretty twisted once, and holding the pose very well, but I was never able to do that myself >.>' And if there's really a problem in making her kneel without poping the joint out, did anyone ever think of moding her knee joints to make them go further? Would it be possible?

      Thank you very much in advance! And I hope I could help with my experience ^^