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Limhwa Limho Elf 67cm Discussion

Apr 8, 2008

    1. so....any news yet on the elf mano? :abambi: i'ts been so quiet around here on that regard, lol
    2. Elf preview in NEWS section here on DOA! Enjoy.:fangirl:

    3. He is beautiful, although I was hoping for a dreaming
      face-plate -- I said he doesn't look much like original-Mano,
      but now looking back, that might just be the face-up, or the
      eyes/wig combo. I hope to see some close-ups of the ears,
      and also that he's available as an optional piece, for those of us
      who already own an original-Mano.

      More pics soon please!

      - Enzyme ^_____^
    4. Link for the Impatient...!

      ...:drool!!! Oh, le swoon.

      I think he looks like a Mano! Are his features different? He looks pretty normal, just wearing long flowy hair & gauzy clothes (and a very radiant faceup). What a beauty he'll be.

      But I would sure like to see those elf ears. ^^
    5. I think he looks much more feminish than Mano
    6. I think his lips are definitely 'different,'
      the lower one doesn't have the 'typical' Limhwa'
      deep crease in the center, and the upper seems
      a bit 'thicker.' This again, could be just the face-up,
      but the eye-shape and lower lip are different, IMHO.

      I hope we can see his ears soon either way, and
      also hope this one will come with new hands (I
      am obsessed with Mano's hands, I need more
      in different poses!). ^___^

      Vanilla, I don't know if he's more feminine than non-elf Mano,
      it could be the face-up color-palette. I believe all of
      Limhwa's sculpts have a level of realistic-androgyny.
      Maybe that's why I love Mano so much because he
      is kind of feminine, but not too much like other BJD
      sculpts --but then again my parents think all my dolls are way
      too feminine, yes even my "overly-masculine" Hombre is
      'feminine' to their non-bjd-spoiled eyes. XD

      - Enzyme ^.^
    7. Enzyme, the same here... when I show photos of boys I bought, at first everybody think they are girls, or ask me - is it a girl? Oh, boy... I just thought this is girl without boobs
    8. His eyes look a bit different to me as well, a bit more up-turned perhaps? More playful..?
      But, ah! The Limhwa sculpts can be so versitile, it's hard to tell from that one, (very beautiful), pic.
      I can't wait to see more of him-whee!
    9. Catrina, You´re killing me!!!!!! I always thought I am safe not to like Mano. Didn´t like his lips and facial expression. But something in this Elf face is different, softer. And now I´m lost.

      Catrina, need comparison pic!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10. Hi everyone,
      Here is what I know about timing (I don't have the official translation yet... )
      Limhwa is shipping the last order this coming weekend. And then she's going to take lots of photos of him. She didn't put Mano in his name.. just Limho Elf. So he's a full elf (not half elf) and she is not using the Mano name so far.

      His eyes and mouth seem quite different to me than Mano. He's got a really sensitive face I think. I really love what I see so far.

    11. I concur, I hate to say it, but when I was scrolling the page down and had only gotten as far down as his face and hair, I thought it was a woman with a strong brow (kind of like some of Soom's big girls). Whoooops! :sweat Unfortunately, until I see one in person, I'm still firmly in the camp of love the body of the Mano, but I was soooooo disappointed with the face. Sigh. Just too *pretty*!
    12. So this elf could be a totally different concept than Mano?
      That would make sense, they do seem very different, and
      that gives me some hope that the artist might release
      a dreaming-elf version of Mano. XD I must have dreaming vampire
      versions of all my resin-kids, Limhwa might not make
      vampires, but she does sculpt elf-ears very nicely -- I can at least
      pretend a Mano with elf-ears is a vampire, by just painting fangs. ^.^;;

      This elf is gorgoeus, even if he is not the elf-Mano I was looking
      forward to brining home. ^.^'

      - Enzyme ^-^
    13. :aheartbea *SWOON!* :aheartbea

      Mano was at the top of my wish list, he may have just been replaced! :love
    14. WHY DID I LOOK!???! Goodness he is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the ears on him:D
    15. Very cool! I see many subtle differences in the new facial sculpt to Mano's ~ the nose and lips are definitely different, eye shape too, and the face shape appears to be a little longer and more angled. Looking forward to seeing lots more pics, especially of his elf ears!!!! :love

      best wishes,
    16. Catrina, I hope You don´t mind posting this modded pic. Just wanted to show, that he is not that feminin without those long hair. *need him, need him* (just sold a doll body to save money for him)

    17. Kind of a silly question, are Limhwa's elf versions limited? Or can you just order them anytime there's an ordering period?
    18. He is beautiful- but I must admit that I also think he looks feminine, there is something about his eyes and lips, and his facial expression. But maybe he would look more masculine with different eyes, lashes, faceup etc? I don't think the hair length has anything to do with it, in my opinion long hair is not feminine, and all guys should have it :lol:
    19. Here is a little comparison I made with Limho Mano on the left
      (he is expertly customized by Cristy Stone from X-Treme Dolls)
      and Limho Elf on the right.
      Legolas from Lord of the Rings is below... I feel he is very elf-like with
      more refined features. If you look at the Limho Elf face, the facial shape is
      different, as is the mouth, eyes and nose. Limhwa will send me more pictures
      in the next week, after she's shipped the last order. She's not happy with this one
      picture, but wanted to show what was on the way.

    20. Oh, man. I did not need to see this right now. :doh I must have him and I most certainly will not have any money to spend anytime soon. I just love his whole look, he's very elven, his eyes especially are just :aheartbea! I need more pics lol!