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Limhwa Limho "Tiger of the Forest" 44.5cm new darker pics Discussion

Jun 5, 2006

    1. NEWS: First order was shipped July 10 from Korea. All the boys are on the way. We will post first pics when they arrive.







      Size: 44.5cm
      head: 16.5cm (6.5 inches)
      neck circumference: 7.9cm
      shoulders until cuff: 13.4 cm
      chest: 18 cm
      waist circumferences: 14cm
      hip circumference: 18.7cm
      thigh circumferences: 11.3cm
      leg length: 22cm
      foot: 5.5cm

      wants a Limho badly..
    2. Dang, we just noticed he's got those kissable lips like "Heartbreak Boy."

      And yes, Limhwa is known for her extreme detail in both the 43cm dolls and the ToYou dolls. Her ToYou is a highly detailed BJD in perfect proportion. There is no Barbie-ness about ToYou.. she's all BJD in style.

    3. Please excuse me if the answer to my question seems obvious, but I've come into this discussion rather late.

      Does he have a slightly open mouth or just, as you said, "kissable lips"? I can't really tell if that's a shadow or an opening. :sweat
    4. Hi, Hillary,
      answering Your question from the NEWS-thread:

      Would be wonderful in normal skintone to match with Unoa, My MiniFee Lishe and my normal skin Yisol. But it would also gorgeous to have him in pinkwhite French resin as Mr. Handsome for Narae!!!! Couldn´t decide yet, what´s better. All I know ist, that I really don´t want him in white and without face up! ;)

    5. That really is great news! Limhwa Dolls seems to be really nice to international buyers. ^^

      So did I understand right, all dolls will be shipped at once from Korea? Well, that's understandable, but a bit of more pain for somebody who wants to do the faceup herself and has to wait a bit longer. ^^;

      EDIT: I forgot I wanted to ask a question... Well, here it is:
      Which shoe size does Limho have? Minifee/Unoa- or MSD-sized?
    6. Yes, she is very nice. I just wrote to her today, and she is considering making a completely new exhibit doll-- JUST FOR THE TEXAS CONVENTION. She and I are thinking of a theme for her exhibit now. The Korean artists just love exhibits, and they get so excited thinking about having their dolls out there for everyone to see in person. I love the Limhwa dolls- they are so original and have the most expressive hands you have ever seen in a 43cm doll.

      The dolls are all shipped at once. It will only be an additional week or less for the facepainting, so we are asking for your understanding for all those in previous months who were very upset that there was no facepainting service. Now we have it, but remember she is doing everything herself...

      I have to tell you about Jung Ji Yoon. I have been looking at the boxes that ToYou, her 27 cm doll comes in. They are all different sized boxes she uses for them. And all the doll pillows are mysteriously custom made for each box that they come in. I think she might even be sewing the pillows herself for you. She has such an amazing artistic talent with making dolls, and she's sewing pillows to fit the boxes just right. What a sweetheart. I hope everyone realizes what a tremendous amount of work it is being a solo artist and doing so much of the manufacturing herself. In addition she is making new dolls. She often tells me she wishes she had more hands of her own. :D

      Limho's feet are exactly the same length as Narin and Narae's feet. So they will fit Unoa-sized shoes, or Narin's shoes. We can get 43cm Narin shoes for anyone in several styles.

      Thanks for the great questions! We have only four more Limho boys available for sale. The ordering period will close Monday. There are also Limhwa girls for sale in two sizes, all coming in "normal" resin color this month.

    7. Dollyholic forgot to mention, we did ask Limhwa about swapping the Limho facepart with ForYou (the 43cm girl) facepart. She said it can be done, but there is a kind of gap between the headparts.. so it's not a perfect fit but do-able to a certain extent. Hope that helps.

      Limhwa Assistant
    8. Is it possible to put/get the Limho head on the Limhwa female body?
    9. Well my question would be like..dumb but, you only have Snow white for the Limhos? You don't have anything darker than normal skin tone? :sweat I just love those dolls:aheartbea
    10. The rest of the order arrived late today. We will be shipping them out within the next day.

      Twigling: we just tried it for you. She has standardized her back head parts and so both heads can be switched.

      K-ria: they are in french resin now, which is a pinky white color. At present she only makes her dolls in very light colors. I think it's because she is a very small company (just herself in her studio).

      Thanks very much for your questions. A new Limhwa order will begin soon. We also will get more info soon about the new 60cm Limhwa.
    11. Oh, that's great to know! By the way, will we customers get EMS numbers by email when you sent them out?

      I also have a question regarding Limho/Limhwa's head. Can it be taken away from the body easily or is it rather hard? How easy is it to reach the eyes inside the head in order to change them?

      Thanki you in advance! ^^
    12. Here is the arrival of my lovely man who does not yet have a name, lol!

      The wonderful delivery box!
      And da paper inside. (Yes, I am overexcited!)
      Lovely giftwraping of my boy's box.
      The even more wonderful Limwha doll box!
      And its inside.
      And finally my boyo! :)
    13. Yep here's somewhat better picture of the bittenbefore outfit along with Limho (but you don't see him as well in this)
    14. His eye size is definately not 14mm, I got 12mm on mine and they still look too big. (which is too bad since I ordered my eye candies in 12mm:( ) Im waiting for some 10mm artistique to test those. 43cm boy clothes wont fit either, well atleast the pants. I got him a suit that fit Narin perfectly and they were way too high water on him. Everything he has that actually fits, has had to be commissioned and even then a few things came back too short. As for the wigs, Im still waiting for a few.
    15. Well, I got my Limho and I did intend on dressing him as a girl right from the start but I'm not sure he is "pulling it off" very well? LOL.
      What do you think? [​IMG]

      I think those manly arms are giving it away!!