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Limhwa To You Review

Mar 14, 2006

    1. There have been a number of posts about this little cutie lately, particularly since Limhwa have set up their overseas partnership. I just got my girl yesterday, and I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person who has her yet, so I thought I'd post my thoughts for anyone who's thinking of getting her. :D I apologize in advance for any weird phrasings, typos, or questionable grammar. For some reason, I'm not 100% lucid yet. I think I need to eat. :|

      She is still lacking a faceup and proper eyes, and I haven't yet styled her wig, but I'll add some blank nude pics soon to give a better feel for her looks and posability. If anyone has any specific requests, let me know, and I'll see what I can do!

      The first thing I noticed after opening the EMS box was that the parcel in which she'd been shipped to Sienna was not your standard brown shipping box... the doll box itself had been bubblewrapped, then wrapped up like a present, taped, and tied with a bow. :aheartbea Underneath the wrapping paper, her doll box is basically identical to For You's with the red hearts and little messages (and another bow to tie it up). Cuuute!

      I got the minus set, so I don't know what wig or eyes she comes with in the plus set, but she did come with a hand-numbered certificate. Of course, it's in Korean, so I'm not sure what it says. Next to the certificate was a small blue jewelry box, which I opened to reveal... a Limhwa Doll cell phone charm! I am a cell phone charm addict, so this was a great surprise. My Moto is wearing it now with great pride. XD

      And To You herself was next. She came out of the box strung very well... not too tight, not too loose. Her resin is a creamy beauty white that is closest in tone to the CP white skin. The sculpting is beautiful and detailed, with tiny fingernails and toenails, detailed ears, and even little dimples over her butt. :lol: Her nose is just slightly upturned, a detail that I think is lost in her photos (but I LOVE it). I'm eager to give her a faceup soon--her little mouth is so beautifully sculpted. Bare and without paint, it could easily be drawn into a pout or a smirk with only the slightest of variations in technique.

      Some of her seams have been removed, but others still remain (though not pronounced enough to bother me). The resin has a bit of a tooth to it and is not perfectly smooth like Volks or CP. I like this--it makes for easier blushing with pastels--but I'm mentioning it because it might be a problem for someone else. Thorough sanding and buffing might help to smooth it out. Her headcap is attached with magnets--they're tiny, so they don't unbalance her when she's standing, but they're strong, so the headcap doesn't flop around at all. It comes off pretty easily with a little tug, though, and you can use 6mm or 8mm eyes, depending on your preference.

      Posing is great--probably the best I've seen in such a small BJD (although, admittedly, I haven't seen a lot). The head, hands, and feet all have a good range of motion, as do the elbows and knees. She can't quite touch her own face, but she comes quite close on her own, and if you hyperextend the joint just a tad, she can do it. The thigh joints are the coolest part--the ball joints are attached to the hips instead of the legs, so she can turn her legs around at the top joint, making it possible for her to do a variety of poses. Including the suwarikko pose! :chibi I'll try to take some good pictures of this function if I can, as I think it's a really neat bit of engineering.

      And, yes, she does fit into Barbie/Jenny/Azone/Obitsu clothes, so you'll have no problems dressing her. Her feet are definitely bigger than the norm, though. WTB Boyfriends shoes might fit. I'll try some old-style Pullip shoes on her to see if those will work, too.

      I'm honestly amazed... I didn't expect to be quite so fond of her, really. But I think she's incredible. She is fast becoming one of my favorites. :love Thanks so much to Sienna and Limhwa for helping me get her! I love her!

      Pictures are coming soon--in the meantime, if you have any questions or picture requests, let me know! I hope this is helpful to those of you who might have been considering her!

    2. Kalmia,

      I have already ordered ForYou but have been on the fence about ToYou. I think I'll give her a try. I'm a little scared about the faceup, but I've been practicing on an SD size head. We'll see if I'm up to it, I guess. I realize I can probably hire someone. I can't wait to see your pics--before and after faceup.
    3. Thanks for the review, Kalmia. ToYou's really charmed me and it's great to hear from an owner! :)
    4. I'd love to see some picture of this doll ;O
      -Wishes she'd be able to convince parents on time- >.<;
    5. Dear Kalmia,
      Thank you for the lovely and honest review. It sounds like little ToYou has stolen your heart!

      Our mother strongly believes in supporting artists who not only love dolls but have special talent. Jung Ji Yung, who is a one-artist studio, is not only a doll lover but has a special gift for making ball jointed dolls in many sizes. Her grasp of proportion in little ToYou is really incredible. She shows a great deal of love in not only her artwork, but also to her fans.

      The ToYous in this ordering period are almost gone (I think we only have 1-2 more). In future ordering periods, we may or may not have them because Jung Ji Yung will only produce an amount comfortable for her workload.

      Would you mind if we sent off your review of ToYou to our Korean translator? We think Jung Ji Yung would love to read your review and see what you think about her doll!

      Thanks again,
      :hamster: Limhwa Assistant
    6. Ooooh she sounds fabulous!! I only wish I had the $$$ to order her:( Maybe next ordering period:)
    7. I am REALLY anxious to see pictures of this little girl! I love the shape of her mouth, I think she's JUST adorable!!
    8. Here are the promised photos of To You (who has a name, but I'm withholding it until she has a faceup :sneaky). Again, photo requests are welcome! Sorry about the lighting and unaesthetic backdrop. She's sitting on my printer, so I just grabbed her and set her up for quick photos under the flourescent light. :oops:


      Sitting at the edge of the desk. She does have eyes in, but they're 8mm eyes, so they sit a bit too far back and don't catch much of the light.


      Suwarikko pose! Is she cute or what? :aheartbea


      This is probably what most people were wanting... close-up of the unpainted face. I never really noticed her ears in photos, but in person, they're extremely cute. If you have a pin vise, you could feasibly pierce her ears with a small enough bit. You'd probably have to make your own earrings, though.


      Profile to show the upturned nose. :D


      And a demonstration of the magnetic headcap. As you can see, there are little tabs sticking out so the headcap will line up properly and not slide around once it's in place. Please also ignore how freaky my hand looks here.

    9. Stolen my heart, indeed! I was a bit apprehensive at first--I've only had one tiny in the past, and it didn't work out--but I'm really struck by how much I do love her now that she's here! I can't wait to give her a faceup and start taking some proper photos. She's so photogenic even without!

      I'm amazed and impressed by Jung Ji Yung's skill and dedication--I hope she will be able to offer more of her beautiful dolls to the public in the future! I'd be pleased and honored to own another Limhwa doll. :)

      Please feel free to share my review and my well wishes! I'd be honored--thanks so much!! :D I'm looking forward to being able to order my next Limhwa dolly through you soon!

    10. wow :D
      she's really really cute...
    11. .. Damn, I'm really considering getting ToYou instead of ForYou now D:
      You're only making this harder for me xD lol
    12. There is one ToYou left, but it can't be gotten off the web site now.

      If anyone is interested in the last ToYou, please PM us for the juicy details.

      :hamster: Limhwa Assistants
    13. PM'd you ^^
    14. I was looking at ToYou's measurements in another thread and I think she is just a bit smaller in the body than Tiny Kitty, and about the same size as Cissette, though I don't know about the bust because the ToYou measurements are missing that.

      Here are ToYou's measurements (missing the bust):


      Here is a useful chart of fashion doll measurements...



      BTW - Hillary/Limhwa - could you edit your measurements post and add the bust (chest) measurement? Thanks!
    15. wow, she is really neat! I like the way her eye and eyelid area is sculpted, and she really is tiny, huh? I'd like to see a quick comparison pic between her and one of your larger dolls when you get a chance. nothing fancy! :) thanks for the indepth review!
    16. I can't wait to see how she looks with her faceup done :D
    17. Aimee, here are a few quickie comparison shots for you! These mostly just illustrate height and give an idea of proportions. If you have any special requests, do let me know! :D

      Lying down comparison. The dolls are labeled for clarity. :)

      Sitting upright on their own.

      ToYou and chihuahua comparison. Chihuahuas have much bigger ears than ToYou. Take note.

      Also, here's a quickie pic of Sorina with her faceup and a wig. I looove her. :aheartbea There will be proper photos once she has a new wig and eyes--and many of them! She is a photogenic little lady indeed.


    18. What a cutie! I love her upturned nose; and what a pretty mouth she has! I do hope more of these will me offered to the public. Sasha looks like a very nurturing mom to Sorina.
      Thaks for all the info!
    19. There is an April order going on now through the 27th.

      The artist has requested we take orders only once a month because she is creating new dolls and needs time away from manufacturing to do this. She is not currently making any new tinies. What she is working on is a new 60 cm body for her Limhwa girl, which looks like the one she has in her portfolio (but with a two-part torso) and she is working on the face of a 43cm boy to be ForYou's companion.

      Her tiny Limwha doll is very popular in Korea as well.