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Limhwa ToYou discussion part 1

Apr 17, 2006

    1. Since the BJD Database section does not allow any discussion, I'm starting a thread here for discussing the Limhwa ToYou dolls that get posted there.

      Kalmia has posted the first member-owned and customized ToYou!

      (no chat allowed there)

      I will let Kalmia know I started the thread and maybe she can tell us about the clothes, wig, second impressions, etc.


      .....Mod Note...

      Limhwa ToYou discussion part 1:

      Limhwa ToYou discussion part 2:
    2. Hi Limhwa lovers,
      Jung Ji Yung has given us the green light to start our April ordering period.

      Please read about it on the Marketplace thread:

      or just mosey on over to www.limhwa.com and take a look.

      We have ForYou and ToYou (the tiny) available. Only ten each can be sold this month.

      Please enjoy!
      Limhwa's #1 assistant
    3. Hi! :)

      I'm here and happy to answer any questions anyone might have about ToYou. I know that the March preorder will be shipping pretty soon--I can't wait to see the new girls cropping up on the board!

      Here's my original ToYou review, in case anyone might have missed it.


      I apologize for the not-great pic of Sorina in the BJD Database... she's currently a bit lacking in proper... everything. :sweat Rest assured, it's being worked on--I've found a good source for some wigs, and I plan on picking up a nice outfit or two while I'm at it. The things you see in that pic are just bits of what was available--a Blythe shirt (they do fit, though they're a touch small), a Barbie skirt, and Dollfie Plus wig and eyes. The eyes pictured are 8mm, so they're actually a bit larger than the recommended size. But either will fit depending on the look you're going for.

      The only thing I've noticed is that her stringing is a bit weird. I think it may be a problem with the elastic, as it was even on both sides when I pulled it through, but now it's tighter on one side and she keeps wanting to swivel her torso towards that side. I'm not sure what elastic to use, either... it's thick, but it's very stretchy. Will we be able to order elastic for restringing in the future, or is there somewhere else where we can go?

      I still haven't found any shoes that will fit, but I'm looking. ^^; Old Pullip shoes are too narrow. I think I may try WTG Boyfriends shoes next.

      I'll try to take some clearer, better pictures soon to share with you all. In the meantime, I'm happy to address any questions, so feel free! :D

    4. Where is this wig source? The best I can find is volks dollfie plus wigs, but they are a little pricey!!
    5. Hi Kalmia,
      Sorry to hear you are having stringing issues. We can ask Jung Ji Yung to send us a batch of her string in the next shipment, and send you some more to retry it.

      Did she come strung or did you redo her? Reason I'm asking is the artist has been stringing the dolls in the shipment herself. I wonder if there is a trick to it. If the problem continues, we can ask her if you PM us the whole thing in detail.

      We just received an email from her in Korea. She did ship the boxes all last night. 4 boxes. She says she is really exhausted and is going to take a nap. Poor thing. Well, that means they could be here as soon as Wednesday.

      Everyone here is getting very excited...

    6. They do seem expensive for such little things, don't they? :lol: (I do love Volks fibers, though... they're so thick and soft. Mmm.)

      Anyway, Sunrise Dolls has Posh Dolls PF-sized wigs for really great prices, and there are a whole bunch of styles and colors currently in stock.


      That would be great, if it would be possible! Thank you! :D

      I did restring her (she came assembled, but I redid it after painting her). I used the same elastic and strung her as she was when I got her. She did want to tilt a bit when I first deboxed her, actually, but I think the resin's tooth helped to curb that a bit. Now I've been handling her a lot and I think the resin is getting a bit smoothed out... I think I may just try restringing with a bit of extra elastic on the leaning side to compensate. We'll see how it goes. (The good thing about ToYou: she's so teeny that she's quite easy to reassemble.)

      Poor Jung Ji Yung--I hope she feels better after a bit of resting! Maybe we should send her a care package. :chibi

    7. Thanks Kalmia, I think my Mom will send her some flowers when we receive the first order. She always is very nice to the artists there. Sending stuff overseas is really hard for them to think about... I know it's crazy around here when we do shipping. A huge job and very messy and tiring!

      We can ask Limhwa about the stringing. I'm sure we can get another roll and hand it out if anyone needs it. Once the ToYou's arrive, we'll take a look and see if we can give suggestions about it.

    8. I just ordered ToYou!

      I have been waiting for this month's ordering period. According to the Marketplace thread, the number of ToYous made for US this period will be limited to 10, so I jumped on it when the ordering opened.

      I like ToYou's proportions, her torso, and her pouty mouth.

      Kalmia - ToYou looks a bit small for Barbie clothes - Have you tried any on her? I bought a couple of handmade sleeveless long dresses made for Tiny Kitty who seems a bit closer to ToYou in measurements.

      ToYou meaurements (Thanks Limhwa posted the chest measurement)

      ToYou body measurements:
      height - 27 cm = 10.62 inches
      bust - 10.9 cm = 4.25 inches
      waist - 8 cm = 3.15 inches
      hip - 11 cm = 4.33 inches

      For comparison:

      NOTE!!! Various sizes are reported on the web for many of these comparison dolls. One site said Tiny Kitty was 10.5 inches tall and had larger measurements. Barbies vary. I believe Silkstone was changed at one point so there are two different sets of measurements for her. And Takara Jenny is listed variously as being everything from 27cm tall to 11 1/2 inches tall so there likely is variation there.

      Tiny Kitty:
      height - 25.4 cm = 10 inches
      bust - 5 inches
      waist - 3.5 inches
      hips - 4.75 inches

      height - 29.2 cm = 11.5 inches
      bust - 13.5 cm = 5.31 inches
      waist - 8.5 cm = 3.35 inches
      hips - 12.5 cm = 4.92 inches

      My Scene and Modern Barbie (now butt's bigger than bust) :
      height - 11.5 to 12
      bust - 12.5 cm = 4.92 inches
      waist - 8.5 cm = 3.35 inches
      hips - 13.5 cm = 5.31 inches

      Silkstone Barbie:
      height - 29 cm = 11.4 inches
      bust - 14.5 cm = 5.7 inches (? is that right?)
      waist - 9 cm = 3.54 inches
      hips - 13 cm = 5.12 inches

      Takara Jenny:
      height 27cm = 10.63 inches
      bust - 12.5 cm = 4.92 inches (other source says 11.4cm = 4.5 inches)
      waist - 7 cm = 2.76 inches (other source says 7.9cm = 3.1 inches)
      hip - 11.5 cm = 4.53 inches (other source says 11.4cm = 4.5 inches)

      Tall: 28 cm (Licca: 23cm?)
      Bust: 10.5cm = 4-1/8"
      Waist: 7.5cm = 2-3/4" (Licca: 7cm)
      Hip: 10.5cm = 4-1/8" (Licca: 9.75cm)
      Shoulder-heel height = 16.5cm = 6-5/8"
      Inseam (leg length): 10.5cm = 4-1/8" (Licca: 10cm)
      Torso (shoulder-waist): 3.5cm = 1-3/8" (Licca: 4cm)
      Arm length, including hand: 7cm = 2-3/4"

      Sekiguchi Momoko
      (the current 27cm tall Momokos)
      bust - 11cm - 4.33"
      waist - 7.5cm = 2.95"
      hips - 11.25cm = 4.43"

      Petworks Momoko
      (the taller earlier Petworks Momokos with body like Jenny)
      bust - 12.3cm = 4.9 inch
      waist - 7.8cm = 3.1 inch
      hips - 14.2cm = 5.7 inch

      WTG - Who's That Girl
      height - 27cm?
      bust - 11.3cm = 4.5 inches
      waist - 7.4cm = 3.0 inches
      hips - 13.5cm = 5.4 inches

      Dollfie Plus - smallish bust, maybe not smallest
      height - with head 27cm = 10.62 inches
      bust - 13 cm = 5.12 inches
      waist - 7.5 cm = 2.95 inches
      hips - 11.5 cm = 4.53 inches
      inside leg crotch to ankle - 13.25 cm = 5.22 inches

    9. OK these are from Mom's translator, Charles. He is a little squeamish about writing the word "breast" or "bust." So he uses the word "chest." Just so you know why.....LOL hee hee's :roll:

      Body Size ToYou 27cm
      Eye size 6mm glass
      Head circumference 9.5 cm
      Neck circumference 4 cm
      Arm length 7.8 cm
      Chest circumference 10.8 cm
      Waist circumference 8 cm
      Hip circumference 11 cm
      Leg length 13.5 cm
      Foot length 2.8 cm

      Height 43 cm
      Eye size 14mm glass
      Head circumference 16.5 cm
      Neck circumference 7 cm
      Arm length 13 cm
      Big chest circumference 18 cm
      Small chest circumference 16.5 cm
      Waist circumference 13 cm
      Hip circumference 19.5 cm
      Thigh circumference 11 cm
      Leg length 21 cm
      Foot length 5.3 cm
    10. Kalmia did a few more meaurements of ToYou (Thanks Kalmia!). These may help anyone who is looking for compatible doll clothes.

      1. Upper shoulder straight down to skinniest part of waist - 2 inches

      2. Skinniest part of waist in middle front (at the belly button) to middle of crotch between legs - 1 and 1/4 inches

      3. Middle of crotch down leg to an ankle - 5 and 1/8 inches

    11. Any ideas on where to find shoes? I wonder if tiny kitty shoes will fit? How about
      GI joe, or wtg boyfriend?
    12. Those are some cool outfits and props, my toyou may end up being a ninja assassin, in her off hours.
      I dont uderstand what bootsleeves are? More investigating nec. Also they look to be 12 inches.
    13. Eep I ordered one. I will now proceed to hope it was not a bad idea. I'm mostly worried about the face up thing since I'm new to BJDs and never have given any of my other dolls face ups.
    14. You can always pay someone else to do the faceup. I am worried about doing it also.

    15. i'm excited--my toyou will be my first non-plastic doll face-up. i'm nervous but i think i've garnered enough experience and read what i can read to the point where i just have to try it. i can't wait!
    16. Perhaps you and others have some hints about doing tiny faceups.

      I am expecting a ToYou, and I have a thirdhand Elfdoll Min Del Re that I received with no faceup. Yesterday I got out all of my materials to paint Min and I discovered that I could not see well enough to do it, the stand magnifier I have was glarey and not enough magnification, and my smallest brush 0000 seemed way too large to attempt to do eyelashes.

      So yesterday I ordered more brushes down to 20/0, and ordered a head-worn magnifier with interchangeable lenses. I am hoping there will be enough room between that and the short brushes so I can paint!

      And BTW - if this is your first resin doll, you may need to buy this:

      Mr. Super Clear Matte or Matte UV Cut (a lacquer-based clear matte spray which is used to precoat for tooth and seal after painting and after blushing)

      I got mine here:


    17. Carolyn, would you recommend that ToYou be unstrung before pre-coat, body blushing, and final sealing? And, if so, can you point us to a good tutorial on that? I'm scared to death to do it...


    18. Ooo - I have no idea! I have never done it. Though I remember reading that other people unstring. I will look for a tutorial when I get a chance.

    19. Some additional foot measurements from Kalmia (thanks!)

      (foot length islisted as 2.8cm above)

      1. width at the widest part - 1/2 inch

      2. width at the sole of the heel - 3/8 inch

      3. approx range of thickness of foot (like guess at measurement of sole to top of foot near the toes, and at middle of foot - 3/8 inch at sole, 7/16 inch at middle, 3/8 inch across toes at end of foot (the pinky toe is a good 16th of an inch below the rest)