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Limhwa's New 27cm Girl

Jan 29, 2010

    1. Are there any information about when she might be released to US customers?
    2. IS there any information on how much she'll cost?
    3. Is this one going to be limited too??

      YES!!! And they denied this so strongly before! :D:D:D

      Any clue on how much she might be? Same body type as Limhwa ToYou?
      Her hands look different, but all the same she is going to be an amazing doll to have:)
    4. linakauno: Thank you for pointing out the Limwha discussion link.

      Members: When it comes to BJD sneak previews, if you haven't checked the site, please don't speculate or ask price and date information in the News Forum.
      Sellers often release information in bits and pieces in the attempt to build interest and excitement. Use the discussion thread for further chat. Thanks.

      Edited to correct as well as show the actual Limwha link. http://www.limhwa.com/index.html

      Thanks scottiedoll for pointing this out. :)
    5. Greetings,
      We are waiting for the word of Limhwa to make the announcement about the 27cm doll. Then we'll have all the answers (resin availability, price, name, etc.) and so will you! It should be very soon. We need to revise the website and open the ordering period. Thank you for your interest :aheartbea
    6. I asked Catrina (of Dollfair) about this at IDEX this past weeknd (btw- Catrina is super sweet and I really enjoyed meeting her). She confirmed that the doll will be similar to the ToYou in proportions and size, and has promised more information as soon as she can!!! <3
    7. Asked Joan from Dollfair. They are waiting for releasing info as well. They will update the Dollfair/Limhwa site asap.
    8. For the moderators: can we open a new discussion thread? It's now at the 'toyou' thread..
    9. As it's a new doll, you may definitely open a new discussion thread and link it here. Thanks!