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Limited doll, but without certificate...still valuable?

Oct 8, 2017

    1. hello, so i bought a doll, just for the body i wanted to use..i was told it was a Kimberly Lasher
      her face up was damaged, so i removed it, but after doing some research i found out
      It is a limited edition by Berdine Creedy, limited to 25 and i have a 1 carved in the inside of the head..
      But no certificate, not the original outfit, as far as i could see it has the original eyes in it..
      Now i was wondering, if you have a doll like this, it still keeps a kind of value?
      Its not a minifee or other populair sculpt,
    2. I think if you don't intend to sell it, then not having the certificate is fine. But people do tend to look for COAs and there's a good chance that not having one could affect its resale value. As far as the sculpt's value itself, if you're able to find anyone selling it elsewhere, or a similar sculpt (or on the company's website) you might get a good indicator of its value? If the doll is damaged, that definitely takes a hit to retained value, as well as if the resin has yellowed due to age. That sort of thing. The lack of a certificate is definitely probably a factor because I know a lot of people who probably wouldn't be comfortable purchasing something without one, but it's not the ONLY factor. If that makes sense?
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    3. Ultimately, value is in the eye of the owner/potential buyer, regardless of limited status or popularity (or lack thereof). Popular limited sculpts are expensive on the secondhand market because they're in high demand, but less popular sculpts, even if they are limited, generally won't hold that value. (Or, at least, people most likely wont buy it at a high price.)

      If you're planning to sell this particular head, I'd look on the Sold Dolls section of the MP when you get access to see if anyone has sold one recently and for how much. I personally don't have any experience with this company, but just as a general rule, the Sold Dolls forum is great for determining value. If you're not planning on selling, then the value is in how much you like it! :3nodding: You could also email the company or artist to see how they might value it for insurance purposes, but I've never actually done that before.

      Not having the CoA may affect value a little bit, but if you can verify with the company that this is a legitimate head and get proof in an email or something, then it probably won't be an issue to the right buyer. The company may also be able to send you another CoA if they can verify the legitimacy of the head.
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    4. I get what your saying, and no, i am not intending to sell, at first i did not like the head, she is yosd sized,
      But now she's without face up, i like her more... Funny, the one i reconized as the same was on ebay,
      Complete full with certificate,but no 18.. She was asking $150... So not world shocking prices
      I must say, aldo a bit yellowed she is very smood and a good poser...
      I still have to see how i can upload pics from my little ones to this site...

      Ah, thank you, not a bad idea, maybe later a good thing to ask the company/ creator for it..
      Aldo i am not intending to sell, its more a feeling to have it complete....Thank you
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    5. I don't think Berdine made COA's. They are also not super popular in the ABJD community, more so in the regular art doll community, buuuuutttt Berdine is now retired so maybe it will go up in value? Berdine is a really cool person tho, I'm sure if you reached out to her you could get a letter.
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    6. I feel like when I joined the hobby no one cared much. Even lost head plates were common. However, people have become verrrryyy concerned about recasts and their ability to identify a fake. I personally don't need the paper or the plate to be satisfied but, I usually ask for them because it will impact a possible future resell. I've conformed for the sake of mobility with my collection. So yes, based on my own behaviors I would say the papers matter.
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    7. Due to this being a older(?) sculpt and not a known target for recasting, a COA might be somewhat less important. Its not as though its a popular sculpt, for example a Soom Limited, which were highly targeted by recasters.

      I'd personally ask the seller if they had a original recite just for your own sake though.
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    8. Like Moonstone has already pointed out, do keep in mind that not all dolls... particularly not older ones... originally came with CoAs. Recasting wasn't such an issue in the "old days" and so CoAs weren't always a common inclusion or considered necessary. People who are new to the hobby often don't realize what a recent development that is.

      I don't have any of Berdine Creedy's dolls in my own collection, but I asked a friend who does and she confirmed that neither of her girls had CoAs. They're older sculpts, so it sounds like the odds are pretty good that your girl never had one either. Given that, lack of documentation shouldn't really affect her value relative to other dolls of her type.
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    9. Oh nice, i now your right, not a fashion bjd, but i must say very good kwality and fine smooth joints..
      I am a succer for ugly or damaged dolls..


      Thank you, how nice a lot of people do there best to search for me, i do enjoy this so much
      Thank you for your help
      #9 Dancingastrid, Oct 9, 2017
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    10. A lot of people have mentioned about older dolls not having CoAs, but I think another factor to consider is the value of the faceup or fullset. I'm not familiar with Berdine Creedy, so I'm not sure if this applies, but with some companies, "limited" doesn't necessarily mean the sculpt is limited, but that the fullset is limited. So a blank, nude doll might not be worth much of anything, but the same doll with the limited faceup and fullset outfit/wig/eyes might be worth quite a bit. If you're keeping your doll, it doesn't make much difference, but if you ever do decide to sell, it's definitely worth checking past sales of that sculpt to help you determine the value.
    11. Yes i agree, note to self... wait untill you did the checking becore removing face up...
      But i bought her really cheap, and she was wearing just a shirt... but i think you are right,
      Maybe a full outset and makeup would make a