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Limited Dollzone Ivan

Mar 6, 2009

    1. UGH! Why do they do this to me! @^@

      Well it seems Dollzone is coming out with a new Limited doll, no name yet of course, but it does seem that the doll itself is going to be elf (Glutton for pointy Ears). It is also being sold only at the Russia Dollslife Shop, which I couldn't find on the internet yet. ((if anyone has it or knows the URL please post with your discussion!))


      We don't have much yet on the doll or images except the teaser above (Which is copywritten to http://www.doll-zone.com )).

      What do you guys think? I am really curious and about ready to pounce on the guy, but I want more pictures! @_@

      He looks really pensive, mischievous, and gorgeous at the same time, which is a plus for me. And from what I can tell in the pictures he has a really awesome Militaristic inspired outfit which makes me want to see more as well. UGH. *Makes grabby hands*
    2. Oh man! He looks so handsome! I hope this isn't like the Christmas special where only Denver Doll Emporium got the limited and no one else!

      I can't wait for more pictures!! ::drools::
    3. OH its most definitely going to be like Isabel. -_- I think they are only selling him exclusively through a Russian Shop. *Cries* I am not finding the link for it either which is driving me nuts, but I am still going to pounce. I sent DZ an email asking them to send me the link for the shop to prepare, but nothing yet. @_@ I want more pictures.
    4. I saw that today and was surprised to see no mention of it on DoA...so pretty! Looks like he'll be hard to get for anybody outside of Russia, though =( I like this guy more than any of their other large dolls...their elves are so nice looking, like Floy, Celine, and the limited 70cms. Maybe they'll release a similar looking standard? Dollzone's sculpts have just gotten better and better as time goes on :3

      Can't wait to see the rest of him.
    5. That outfit is so intriguing! It looks so tough and the doll is so handsome, I can't wait to see more pictures. :o
    6. Wow, he's great. :)
    7. Ooh, he's gorgeous. *__* Looks like he may be on the 72cm body....
      I found a link for Dollslife from last September...but there doesn't seem to be anything there now? --> http://www.dollslife.ru/ All I get is a blank white page...the only part of the site I can get to load is the 404 page.
    8. Oh dear god, why?

      He would be so perfect for Lacrynne TT_________TT *emos big time*
    9. Oh wow . . .must see more pics!!!!
    10. That link that acanthiel posted works. You can o in and around all the pages. The new doll isn't up in their site though.
    11. So beautiful T__T Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll be like their recent limiteds where the full set is exclusive to one site but the mold itself can be bought separately from all other dealers. Or maybe people will flood Dollzone with e-mails and they'll realize they'd get a lot more orders of him making him widely available. -wishful thinking-
    12. Yup. I think I am getting him. @_@ Two expensive limited dolls in one month. Dear GOD. LOL. Yup the link works but doesn't seem to have anything for those who speak english yet. I will ENDURE.

      acanthiel: It looks like it! And the like works!

      lilreeper: they are probably going to post him on the 20th I assume.

      Zion: They haven't done that with Isabel yet, but It would be nice to hope! Maybe a plot to request them to make more? XD
    13. >.< The link still doesn't work for me...what OS/browser are you using? I have Windows/IE....
    14. I'm using FireFox and the link works for me.
    15. IM using Mozilla Firefox. 3.0.7. IE sucks anymore. Except for when I need Netflix.
    16. wow i like him :D hes just my type, too bad hes limited the little bit you can see of outfit looks cool too.:doh why dollzone WHY..
    17. *grumbles* Stupid Microsoft. =P Oh well, not like I'd be able to buy him anyway....

      From what I can see, there is a link for english that brings you here...which just gets me another blank page....
    18. He looks absolutely gorgeous *__*
      I can't wait to see more pictures! I don't like it when they do exclusives like this :(