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Limited Edition – Honee-B, Phantom Behind the Mask

Sep 12, 2011

    1. Limited Edition – Honee-B, Phantom Behind the Mask

      Trick or Treat! Honee-B becomes a phantom and knocks your door……

      The limited doll set "Honee-B, Phantom Behind the Mask" is available now!!
      Limited Edition: 80 sets only

      This time, Honee-B has a very different make-up, which is more boyish and ghostly. There is a skeleton badge on the shinning cap, which can be removed. In the set, there will be a matched size ‘Lantern and ‘Red Rose for Honee-B.

      More, we have a tailor made ‘Mask for Honee-B, which is so scary and cool!
      Only 80 sets!! Be quick!!


    2. How does the mask stay put on his face?

      also will there be any new face sculpts coming out soon or any more versions of the "free in the garden of eden" head version? the ha-le-lu-ya face sculpt seems to be used for most of the newer ones.
    3. As a huge, huge Phantom of the Opera nerd, this is very pleasing to me. How much will he be? :D
    4. Hi,

      There is a colorless elastic string on the mark.
      We will have new face sculpt in 2012.
      For the face versions, "free in the garden of eden, we will have a new doll set in coming October. Please check our website www.rubyredgalleria.com in the end of September. :D
      Thank you for your support.
    5. This is a limited edition, only 80 sets.
      Each set is USD163, not included shipping charge.
      In the set, there is a doll with a face with make-up, a wig, an outfit set with cape, a pairs of boots, a mask, a rose and a lantern. Also there is a limited edition postcard in the set.