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Limited edition dolls

Feb 8, 2018

    1. Dolls seem to be divided into "basic" and "limited", where the latter is only sold over a short period of time in a limited number of copies.

      So I found out that people usually do layaways for limited edition dolls and that made me wonder - do people often buy limited dolls because they are limited?

      From my observations they are no different from any other dolls... it's like a sculpt that was randomly selected from a bunch to be the limited one. And that's it, you might decide that you like that particular sculpt or not.

      And I don't know if it's just luck but I never saw a limited edition doll that I would be tempted to buy over a non-limited even if I had the money to afford it. To me, the sculpt is important and whether or not it fits the character I want to shell, regardless of how rare it is.

      So what do you guys think? Are limited sculpts aesthetically superior than basic from a single company? Are they the better product? Or does it really only come down to the fact that there is less of them and that is the main reason why someone who doesn't have the money at that exact moment may decide to do a layaway? Or is it really an unfortunate attraction to a doll that just happens to be limited and cost a lot more?

      I am interrested in knowing your opinions about it, particularly if you own a limited edition doll.
    2. ??????????????????????????????

      Limited edition dolls are "special". They have special face up, special outfit, special shoes maybe even special parts....
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    3. I can only speak to my own experience I guess, but all of the limited dolls I own are because I liked them, not because they're rare. Several of them I actually had to hunt down secondhand because I liked them so much, since I had missed their original release. In those cases, I really wished they weren't limited.

      I will say, though, that limited dolls are often different from basic. A lot of fantasy dolls (animal people, centaurs, mermaids, etc.) are limited, probably because of the difficulty and high cost involved in producing them. Limited dolls also often come with fullset options, where many companies don't offer wigs, outfits, eyes, special makeup, etc. for their basic version dolls. Another factor is special resin colors, which may only be offered in limited quantities.

      Some companies offer these things at all times with all sculpts, but most don't.

      Edit: another reason for limited runs is that the maker is an independent artist and has to either cast them all by hand or send them out for production. This sort of necessitates a smaller batch, and if it doesn't sell very many in the pre-order, they might not ever make it again.
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    4. It's not really a matter of limited sculpts being superior to your basic offerings. They're simply different, often times so different that it's just not something the company/artist wants to offer all the time. Now, what different means varies from company to company. Maybe it means different simply because of the full-set that comes with it. Perhaps it's one of their basic sculpts with some unique offering (such as elf ears, mermaid tails, etc.). Maybe different just means that it's a sculpt that the company wanted to offer, just not all the time. Maybe it's something else altogether.

      I can't say I've ever met anyone who has bought a limited sculpt simply because it was limited. People who were on the fence but went for the buy because it was a now or never thing? Sure! But the limited factor is rarely the ONLY factor (I hope that made sense).

      Lots of people do layaways and not just on limited dolls. You see layaways all the time for basic secondhand dolls. It's just simply an easier way for someone to pay, and many times, it's not even a matter of not having the money. A lot of people just aren't comfortable with "chunks" being taken out of their bank account. I personally like to pay big purchases off in one go and be done with it. Other people don't. It's just a matter of preference and hardly has anything to do with whether or not a doll is limited.
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    5. Now that you guys mention it I think it might be just the fact that I only like human dolls... and I don't care about/notice fantasy parts at all xD So if that's what makes a doll limited, well that's simply not something I would be into so I don't see their potential :D

      Maybe I just need to research more companies ><
    6. Doll companies have Limited Editions all the time. If it tickles your balls, you buy. If it doesn't, you don't.

      I personally think that it would be weird to purchase a doll just because it is limited. But there might be scalpers out there who would do so on purpose.

      Also there's this availability factor in the second hand market. Let's say, if a newbie joins the hobby in 2018 and passionately seeks a LE doll, the price of the doll goes up due to demand and supply. If you are a experienced doll owner, you purchased, let's say, a Fairyland Minifee Liria, for $700 at the time of the event. A newbie comes up to you and wants to purchase your 3 years old, yellowed, not-emotionally-attached doll for $1300. You would gladly sell.

      This might be partially why companies do "events" and "event heads."
    7. All of my limited dolls were purchased because they fit a character. Alicia my newest layaway because I missed fairyland Sia and also I think the steampunk tail fights the character way better.
    8. The artists that I like such as Dust of Dolls, Depths Dolls, Sio2, Stars are Falling, Bird's Mystery... to name a few are independent artist and thus their sculpts are limited editions because they are usually released once and never again. I don't purchase them because they're limited but because I like their dolls. That'll be cool if they aren't so more people can get their dolls but I understand that they don't have the resources that a larger company has. To fulfill orders for an older sculpt when they're concentrating on a new one.
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    9. Since I like fantasy sculpts and fullsets, I have several "Limited" dolls and look forward to events. Generally, the fantasy parts and elf ears I love are only available then. I've also noticed that they also tend to be pretty good deals if you love the fullset and "free" resin parts. Then you don't have to worry about putting a doll together which can get costly especially combined with shipping.

      It's the 2nd hand market where prices really go up. If someone and a number of other people all want the same limited doll after the event, the price is going to climb unless there is some reason the seller wants the doll to go to a particular home.

      But, as for being "better" than other dolls, I don't believe that to be the case. There are plenty "common" sculpts that have been made up to be unique and just incredible to look at. I love it.
    10. Not "aesthetically superior" as that's a really subjective aspect...

      But limited edition means there is a scarcity of that particular item, and since aftermarket demand often exceeds supply, the secondhand asking price will naturally be higher than a readily available item. It also means there will be more "looking to buy" type posts by people seeking to acquire the item.

      People may do more layaway for LE so they can guarantee that they can get the doll when it is first released, as limited edition releases are generally available for order during a short time span, and not everyone has the funds put aside...
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    11. For me it is that aspect of "ohmygosh if I do not get this now I might never have the chance again!" I had basic dolls sit on the back burner for years since I "could get them anytime" while limited after limited popped up and stole my money. Ironically the few "basic" doll I have picked up have all been discontinued now as well! I guess it is destiny.
    12. I buy dolls because I like the sculpt and/or they fit the character, and it doesn't matter if that means I spend under $200 on a full standard doll, or $300+ on a limited head. I just have to like it enough to justify buying it.

      I currently have 18 on topic dolls and one head, and going by head sculpt only (some are hybrids) they split up like this:
      -9 standards, still available
      -3 limited
      -5 standard but discontinued
      -1 from a defunct company
      -1 listed as standard, but the company has since modified the head sculpt and mine looks nothing like the current one available

      I don't think limited dolls are really any different from standard, except in their availability. The quality is the same. As others mentioned, the biggest difference is that they often include extra parts or accessories that are not available alone, and sometimes the sculpt itself is limited, other times only the fullset is limited and you can buy the basic blank doll for much cheaper. If you really love the sculpt or things only available in the fullset, then it's definitely worth grabbing it when you can.
    13. That's mostly how it goes for me. I currently own mostly limited or discontinued dolls. At the moment I have:
      4 basic dolls that are still available
      1 limited version of a basic
      7 that have been discontinued
      7 limited dolls

      I bought all of them because I liked them, not because they were limited or being discontinued. The order I got them in was partly dictated by when they were released/ were being discontinued.
    14. I don't see the point of buying a limited doll because it is limited. And they limited because there is something more unqiue about them compare to the more readily available dolls. They also come with things that will only be able to buy during that period that the doll is open.

      For example, a doll i've been lurking is the little mermaid sculpt from Spirit doll. She is worth every penny and i contemplate doing layaway each time I run into money during her open period even knowing it would strain me financially. There is something special about her and I really like it. Her sculpt is unique and different. Although there is the slim chance of getting a limited doll second hand, you should never count on it.

      Limited dolls also come in many forms, styles, species, era, etc. Perhaps you just haven't came across one that really sparked something within you quite yet.
    15. I have one limited edition sculpt and an upcoming doll that used to be limited but has been integrated into the company's basic line. Granado Michael doesn't count because even though Granado's English website offers them only in limited periods, I've heard there are ways to obtain their sculpts during other times.

      My choice for getting the limited sculpt (secondhand, BTW) was not because of the "status" that went with having such a hard-to-find sculpt, but because she looked right for the character. Sometimes a sculpt suddenly "clicks" when I come across their promotional/owner pictures, and whether it's limited or not takes less of a priority.
    16. I personally try NOT to look into limited edition dolls for two basic reasons: 1. Normally, their prices are far beyond what I'm willing to pay. And 2. Secondhand prices for an LE doll can cost MORE than a brand new fullset of that same doll sometimes (I've seen it multiple times so far on other places). There is only one limited edition sculpt I've found that I like, and while I do have a tiny hope in my heart he's still available to be bought by the time I have the money to at least start a layaway for him, it's not the end of the world if I can't add him to my crew.
    17. Limited release will push me to buy them, like others mentioned it’s a “now or never” aspect. I can say for certain over half of my limited dolls I would never see again if I were to sell them. But that said, it’s usually not because they’re limited (otherwise I’d be buying every limited for the sake of being limited). It’s usually that they have one of my huge preferences. I have a huge thing for sleepy eyelids, and Little Monica is known for releasing Gloomy and Innocent versions of their basic sculpts. I also have two other hard to order dolls that have sleepy lids that tugged my heart strings to snap them up right away.

      My Peaks Woods would not be easily replaceable because they let me order her in a special skin, but I have seen quite a few Lottie heads on the Market. My Crobi Day Dream Heena is probably irreplaceable, and I did already have a basic Heena on the wish list so I already wanted the sculpt, but then they added my sleepy eyelids:whee:

      So I would say limiteds definitely influence my purchase habits, but usually I’ve already wanted the sculpt before and the limited version had an adjustment to make them even more suited to my tastes. Artistically speaking Little Monica also adds much more detail and flair to their limited faceups than their basic offering faceups which is also a bonus for me.

      Some companies like Switch also operate mostly on limited runs (and above someone mentioned others that do this too), so since I was able to buy a Head new that I was interested in I went for it. But it usually is the case that once Switch heads start shipping, inevitably a handful will be listed for sale right away for whatever reason (regret, don’t love as much as pics, etc.). In that case, if you can accept the inflated cost, it’s a little easier to rely on them popping up secondhand a few months later. Whereas less popular makers you may never see them secondhand, especially the longer it’s been since release, and you’ve got to weigh that risk.

      TL;DR: they’re only more superior if you feel they are. I personally am influenced some by limited offerings, but I like them usually because I liked a basic version already released rather than just the status of owning the limited form.
    18. Personally I don't think limited dolls are more superior than unlimited dolls. Most of my dolls are basic dolls. I do have dolls that were limited by; time purchase, quantity or full set.

      In all cases, I bought the doll because I liked it as offered. About the only thing that is motivating about limited dolls is that; if I love the doll, I don't drag my feet. I just buy it.

      Mostly, I think artists/companies limit dolls due to access to resources (fabrics or a specific persons time). I'm sure there are a number of companies that simply limit dolls to elevate the brand or promote exclusivity. I just don't care either way. I cherish all of my dolls equally. :thumbup
    19. To me, I don't think the limited sculpts are more superior than the basic ones, they each have their own charms.

      I don't buy dolls solely just based on whether it is a limited edition, I have to like the sculpt enough to buy it. Though limited editions do affect the order of my purchases or result in some impulse purchases in order not to miss a sculpt I like but don't think will bond well. But I can always sell it than hunt for it in the aftermarket and risk having to pay a much higher price than the original later on.
    20. Personally I don’t buy limited edition dolls simply because they are limited, and I don’t think they are majorly better than the regular dolls :) I just go for them if they have a sculpt I absolutely adore that just so happens to be limited. And even if I have ones I want badly, it still takes me awhile to decide to go through with buying them if they are higher end on cost. However I do find that I fall in love with a lot of the full sets of the dolls. That’s usually a pretty big draw for me, but not always