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Limited Edition "Wizard Kids" [CherishDoll]

Jun 29, 2009

    1. They're adorable! Very Harry Potter-esque:D
    2. HaHa+
      I love Teddy and Cathy, love their outfit.
    3. OMGosh, they're so .... wicked looking! LOL. I can see them all coming up with bad pranks to torture their teachers with! I know there's a frog in Teddy's pocket! And you don't want to tick Cathy off! Robby............. oh my!
    4. ingieBee that's so funny I can see them doing very wicked things, it's because of these pictures I went back to look at naripon toadstool and decided I needed the last one....so wicked, so ugly, so irresistible :) but I love these tiny's to... Oh I love all tiny's:doh still waiting for my pukifee...and bubu odoroki and now naripon........
    5. The last one? You bought the last toadstool? You mean there aren't anymore?? I hope I misunderstood (goes off to check the site...)

      Oh no.... I hope they restock her some day (no rush, I ain't got no monies) but love to get that doll some day!
    6. oh no sorry, I didn't mean I bought the last toadstool I meant , the last mentioned doll(so not a wizard kid but a toadstool) , sorry sometimes my translation is too dutch:):):) so it's not sold out ingie I don't think a lot of people will have her/him/it:)
    7. I thought I saw them sold out, 'cause I looked at the fullset, LOL. Good they're still available :)

      These little guys are just as wicked though, and might even be smaller than Toadstool! They'd make perfect minions for Toadstool's antics LOL :D
    8. Toadstool is 10cm, these guys are 15cm.