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Limited Elfdoll - Elf Aurora (white elf soah)

Aug 27, 2008

    1. [thread=239467]News thread[/thread]

      Wow! I love her face sculpt ordinarily but she's so cute as a white elf! :fangirl:
    2. This one is really going to kill me to pass up. She is so pretty! I love the style of elf ear she has.
    3. my goodness!
      I usually don't care for bigger elves...I like them *tiny*...but she is gorgeous!

      congrats to all that order her:aheartbea I am going to sit on my hands, lol

      (trying to patiently wait on Lati)
    4. She is beautiful. Thank goodness she doesn't fit into my family. But I know that atleast someone I know will be getting her with as pretty as she is.

    5. Oh my gosh, how stunning. If she was offered in normal skin, I think I'd be in big trouble with this one. I really love her as an elf!
    6. GOD WHY..? DX why when I need to buy my character back..ugh..this is bad..;3; she's completely gorgeous
    7. oh my! as soon as I saw her I thought instantly she was the sculpt i needed for my elf character.

      --good thing she isnt msd or I might have had to give up hopes of getting my tatiana :sweat

      but my is she beautiful :D
    8. WHUT... white skin elf soah? D= supapretty. I'm going to have to try and resist her x.x
    9. Oh, I love elves and I love the elfdoll girls. So lovely, and so tempting. *_*
    10. Oh so jealous, guargh I wish I had the money. I'd always wanted a Soah with elf ears, didn't think they'd ever exist.. them wham D:!
    11. LOVE the size of her ears and her white skin...gah! nope. not gonna. so many beautiful dolls...so little...room..money...time...:doh
    12. Eeek...that was the fastest most impulsive buy I have ever made...thank goodness the hubby came in just in time with the CC :)
    13. So, so, so tempting!
    14. Why must they torture me so with such a gorgeous doll? *is a sucker for dolls with elf ears* No, I'm not going to do it because I've got another character to worry about...and my crew comprises mostly msds. :/
    15. OHHHHHH NOOOOOOO-too tempting!*wants*
    16. Must not buy on layaway...must not by on layaway....maybe if I have this tattooed into my hands it will help....I have heads that need bodies...naked boys that need clothes...

      *runs away with hands over eyes*
    17. O how I want to make her into a naga boy. :D So pretty!
    18. Too bad she is not in Normal Skin. Emory: I want Normal skin please?
    19. I'm really not into the elf dolls, but in her case I'd almost make an exception. She's has such a grace about her...lovely.
    20. Sigh... son to college & daughter to school... no spare money....