New Doll Limited FairyLine Klaus [FairyLand @ Dolk]

Apr 8, 2019

    1. Take a look at this new release Amazing FairyLine named Klaus
      (DARK KNIGHT), you can get this gorgeous Creature in Full Package,
      Full set, or even in Basic Only!

      Hurry Up, Limited item Only!

      LEARN MORE HERE --> FairyLine named Klaus


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    2. A quick note!

      There was a miscommunication on Klaus' original order page. The body that comes with the doll is NOT the new motion boy body. He instead comes with a previous FairyLine style: Altis boy body.

      You may notice differences in the types. The Fairyland order page does reflect this update. However, at the time of this post, Denver doll does not. (Dolks does not list the name of the body, it is just listed as "BODY".)

      Fairyland's news update.
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