New Doll Limited FairyLine RENS [Fairyland]

Sep 6, 2018

    1. [Notice] Harpy's beautiful girl "Rens" appeared from Fairy Land. It has a formative beauty of delicate limbs and powerful eyes.

      It appears in a full option package, everything including human & Harpie body & costume is included. Limited quantity only! It becomes impossible to obtain again as soon as it is sold out.

      LEARN MORE HERE --> beautiful girl "Rens"

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    2. She’s beautiful! Is Ren supposed to be the Minifee version of Carol?
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    3. Wow, she's so beautiful, can I get the same pair of eyes?
    4. When will you be posting the fall/Halloween event head?
    5. The Halloween head has been posted on the FL tistory page:

      2018 Halloween Event MiniFee Head (limited to 250)

      출처: CP/Fairyland [CP/Fairyland]
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