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Limited Happydoll sets Dorothy & Marin

Oct 15, 2006

    1. wow, she looks really great!! I love her faceup and mismatched eyes :D
    2. OMG *wants*

      I love Dorothy more and more every time I see her...
    3. I reeeally like her all dressed up like that. XD Thankfully for me I'm not big on her body, though.
    4. Love the mismatched eyes! If I didn't already have a Dorothy, I think I'd have to get her!
    5. bump for Marin! you have to see her!!!
    6. I love Marin like that! Finally Happydoll is getting the best out of their beautiful dolls! Reminded me how much I missed Happydoll... Isn't Hybrid Moon coming back? Don't they have a European dealer? Wants~
    7. I don't know about Hybrid Moon... I think there was a huge Paypal problem that she couldn't fix...such a shame cos she was really lovely to buy from...I don't even see her on the board much anymore so maybe she's having internet trouble as well
    8. I can't tell you how much I adore this dorothy, she's amazing!
      But... does anyone know if there would be another body match for these dolls? Like if luts, peakswoods, or maybe even dollstown girl bodies would possibly work? I hate to sound so rude, but I don't really like her body much either ;3;
    9. Yeah... I'm wondering if maybe it isn't as bad as the pictures seem, though. Maybe I should go in search of user pictures?
    10. i dunnoe dorothy is ok but marin scares me.... lol
    11. My Dorothy is on a Luts mature body. I did not care for the HD body either, so I sold it. ~~Lin

    12. Oh! She's so pretty!
    13. Thanks! I love Dorothy; the minute I saw her, I knew I had to have her. I prefer realistic faces and I think she looks like a real girl. ~~Lin
    14. I think it's about time Happydoll update their body....or the hands at least!

      The wierd thing is that their mini girl body is nice, very curvy and cute with slim legs. the hands are not great but still cute....they should make their big body like that.

      I wonder what the Happdoll Junior body is like....There are no pictures of it and no one has one on the board....it's newer than the standard Happydoll body so maybe it is better...I should e-mail them for pics I suppose
    15. Not my taste, but they're still nice :)
    16. linakauno, thats exactly what I was hoping for, thank you!
      What skin tones are both the head and body? Matter of fact, what skintone is this new dorothy?
      By the way, linakauno, do you have any other pictures you'd be willing to share?
    17. Amaranth, HD heads are more ivory colored than the Luts body,so when I did her face-up (she was a DIY Dorothy), I blushed her head with pink before I painted the rest of her face. I think they match pretty well now, and I love the Luts mature body with her head. It's shorter than the HD body and she looks less like a fashion doll. I would describe her skin as being a pale honey color compared to my Dollshe boy. I'll take some comparison photos tomorrow with my other dolls to show you. ~~Lin
    18. Linakauno,

      Were you at Austin with your Dorothy? Did you have her entered in the costume contest? I saw a lovely one there with a CP body. My friends and I were trying to decide if her eyelids had been modded. I brought down my Dorothy to compare. I actually like my Dorothy's body I just wish it was more posable. I need to get off my butt and suede her this weekend.
    19. Thanks, CAJewel, that was my Dorothy in the green fairy dress. She hasn't been modded; I love her face just the way it came. I wish I had known you had a Dorothy, too. I would have loved to have seen her. Mine is the only one that I have seen in person. If you come to next year's convention, bring her with you. ~~Lin

      This photo's not very good; the lighting was bad, but here she is: