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Limited HARA, Tan KISS, RYU

Nov 17, 2006

    1. Oh man, I hope I'm not repeating anything, but I did a search and came up empty handed.

      Dolkot is giving us three limited 2007 children. I don't have the faintest idea when it comes to reading Korean, so I'll leave the little details to someone else. I just thought I would shout out this bit of news that I discovered.

      Apparently they are ready to be ordered!


      Tan Kiss


      dolkot.co.kr/ (best viewed with IE)

      If there is some other thread that I skipped over, please delete this mods.
    2. The first one is a new version of Ryu isn't it? I can't read Korean but is it saying they're full sets and there's only 1 of them?
    3. yep the top one is 류- Ryu it says on the site

      item description says something like:

      release date January 1st 2007...
      and you can only get the clothes if you have the limited doll but that's kinda obvious...
      And make up is included, which is obvious too...
      comes with glass eyes and carry bag.

      They keep saying that you only get these clothes with this doll!

      it says LE01 but then in the text it say something like limitation of 3? could be actually saying 3 different dolls released my translation isn't up to working that out!
    4. I've edited my post so that Unknown Boy is now Ryu.

      Gah, the limited Hara is really hot!

      It sounds like, three LE dolls limited to one each.
    5. Yeah it sounds like the 3 dolls, limited to 1 each. That kind of bums me out. I'd love to have that LE Tan Kiss, but if they're only selling one, they'll only be available at the Korean site. :P