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Limited Herrendolls (Mrs AH Dolls)

Jan 16, 2009

    1. I didn't see anything about these guys...

      Link: http://www.herrendoll.net/index.php

      There are new limited versions of Samantha, Sae Yan (a pirate with pegleg/hook arm options!) and Q.Pito (was it ever decided whether he's on topic or not?)

      Note you have to sign in to see the prices!

    2. I don't like to put my all my information on the website...can someone tell me the price for a Sae-Yan default w/ faceup?
    3. Blank he's 391 USD.
      There are several faceup options.... it looks like a general company faceup is 55 USD, and you can opt for "face/nail/hands" blushing by the company for 75 USD.

      If you want a faceup by the creator of the doll you have more options: Faceup only is 135 USD, face/nails/hands is 150 USD, and "face/body/all" is 200 USD.

    4. Is Sae-Yan a girl or a boy? From the pictures its not very clear.
    5. in the description they use the word "she" when speaking about her.
    6. People, read before asking. They say Samantha is 45,5 cm, and Sae Yan is 40 cm.
    7. Um...I don't see anywhere where someone asked how tall the doll was.

      I was confused by Sae Yan's gender at first, I know they refer to it as a she, but it looks so boyish, like a younger version of narin :P I'll believe it's a girl when I see nudie pics, also because I'd love sae yan as a boy.
    8. I was talking about the fact that within 15 minutes there were two people asking questions they didn't have to ask if they simply read the information on the herrendoll-site.

      And if the creators say the doll's a she, I doubt they will be releasing her with a boy-body. Perhaps they will later on, but not for now.
    9. I emailed and asked about the actual gender underneath the pants :daisy the last thing I want is to get one and be shocked when I open the box, haha.
    10. The website comes up as exceeding bandwidth for me :/ Both days I tried clicking. Is this a problem for anyone else?
    11. I can't see the page either.
    12. I think he's definitely a boy - otherwise I don't think they'd have the pirate peg leg ensemble.
    13. I can see the page just fine. I'm on a Mac running an ancient version of Firefox.

    14. The page has been up and down due to bandwidth issues; I have seen it one of the three times I've clicked the link.
    15. Hi everyone, I just received my answer from herrendolls.

      Sae Yan is indeed a boy. :P

      [Re] Sae Yan Question
      SaeYann is a boy.But there is an image of the face who is a androgynou.
      I wish you have Saeyan.

      I knew it XD I'm gonna get one either way, he's a very sweet looking boy :) I hope this helps people who were unsure. I am guessing the "she" part may have been a typo, so in the future, even if you've clearly read it, it never hurts to ask.