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Limited PocketFairy from Minoru World

Jan 15, 2006

    1. It says "Rose head" on the site, but I sure can't see a difference between her and Roa except maybe faceup, even with holding Roa up to the screen in comparison.
    2. Well she has a closed mouth Roa has an open mouth thats it I guess! Look here is Roa you can see her mouth has two teeth

      Also the new girls has slightly less droopy eyes in shape. Its all very subtle differences thats pocket fairies for you!
    3. The eyes look the same to me, but I see the slight difference in the mouth. The purple is very nice for the eyes. Looks like it's the same light resin, not the pinkish resin of BF, which is good.

      She's just too similar to Roa for me to want to spend $80 more to get her, even though her outfit is very cute.
    4. I received this message:

      Hello, This is MinoruWorld.

      Thank you for interesting about Roses.

      Yes, it is a same head Roel and Rose. Roel is designed to be a boys,
      but Roses is to be a Girl for limited events.

      If you have more question about Roses, Please leave a message in
      this Q&A Board.

      Thank you.